About Us

Our Mission & Vision

DSA Signage is a minority-owned, women-led business that values integrity, transparency, teamwork, and accountability. Our mission is to sustainably elevate and brighten your brand as a collaborative expert partner. We have a vision to be the most sustainable and reliable brand partner for our clients.

Our Team

We employ people from diverse backgrounds and many places across the world because we know firsthand that the more viewpoints at the table, the greater creativity we have to draw from. We learn from each other and our clients every day. This continual growth process helps us stay on the cutting edge of our industry and ultimately deliver the best products on the market. To this date, over 60 employees contribute their deep set of skills, knowledge, and years of experience to help DSA deliver large scale projects for our roster of national and international clients.

We’re Committed to Sustainability


Technology and Development

We are continuously investing heavily in technology and research and development to continue pushing the boundaries of what is possible with signage solutions.

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Recycled Parts and Materials

Through innovative partnerships with suppliers, we recycle parts and reuse raw materials for upcoming projects – maximizing efficiency while minimizing environmental impact.

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Where We Do Business

We understand how important it is to give back and support the community. That’s why we partner with small local minority-owned businesses and hire from nearby neighborhoods.

Affiliate Organizations