Digital Signage

Digital Displays, such as Digital Directories and Digital Menu Boards for Restaurants offer visually attractive, eye-catching support to display your brand content.

  • Indoor Digital Signage Displays
  • Interactive Kiosks
  • Indoor & Outdoor Menu Boards

Digital Signage Solutions

Upgrade your Current Signage

Digital Signage is an incredible marketing tool that allows you to make the best impression on your customers with easy-to read, eye catching displays. DSA Signage offers a variety of digital signage solutions for any business, with indoor or outdoor install capabilities. With our interactive displays, you can transform the way people view your brand and message!

Outdoor digital signs can help your brand externally stand out from the crowd. If you’re looking for durable outdoor signage, our range of products offer top of class weather resistance to withstand the harshest conditions.

Indoor digital signage is an innovative way for organizations to display their product or service offerings. With our high quality vibrant displays, customers can easily identify your latest news, sales, or events. At DSA Signage, we offer a variety of sizes and configurations to suit your digital signage needs.

The versatility of our digital signs is unparalleled. From train stations to restaurants and retail, our digital signage products can be used in many different ways!

Interactive Display

Interactive Display

Interactive digital displays are designed to help you engage with your audience, offering a platform for information and potential services. These interactive displays are designed to be wall mounted or installed on any type of pedestal. The applications are various...

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LED Video Wall

LED Video Wall

LED Video Walls are high-impact digital displays, used either in large venues to cover a complete wall or to brighten and dynamize a smaller, unused space, above a cashier for example. Our LED Video Walls deliver a seamless, impactful visual experience with an...

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Digital Kiosk

Digital Kiosk

Digital Kiosks are designed to help you engage with your visitors, offering a platform for information and potential services. Our kiosks are made to be installed outside and withstand environmental factors while maintaining their original appearance over the years....

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Digital Outdoor Menu Board

Digital Outdoor Menu Board

Our Digital Outdoor Menu Boards are designed to display dynamic menu content and attract your guests from a far distance! A digital menu board is a great tool to improve brand visibility and upsell specials and promotional items. You can choose from our single,...

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Streamline Customer Communication

Digital kiosks, LED video walls and interactive displays are all great avenues to interact with your customer base or help provide clear directives. Our interactive displays are easy-to install, making it simple for us integrate into any decor or existing infrastructure of yours! Interested in learning more? Start a conversation today!


Top Benefits of Investing in Digital Signage

  • Increased Customer Engagement – Digital signage can help to increase customer engagement by drawing attention to specific products or areas of the store. This increased engagement can lead to more sales and a better overall shopping experience for customers.
  • More Effective Advertising – The growing popularity of digital signage has led to an increase in its use as a powerful advertising method. You can leverage digital signage to promote your products or services through this attractive yet engaging form that delivers results for both you AND your customer!
  • Improved Store Navigation – Digital signage can also be used to improve retail store navigation, making it easier for customers to find what they are looking for quickly and easily. This can result in a more streamlined shopping experience helping to encourage customers to come back again in the future.
  • Reduced Costs – Overall, digital signage can help businesses reduce costs by eliminating the need for traditional printed signs and marketing materials.


What is Digital Signage?

Our Digital Displays are composed of a digital monitor, and, in some cases, an in-house made enclosure that can integrate various interactive features.

When using a Digital Display or Digital Menu Board, your content is displayed on an LCD or LED monitor instead of being printed on a graphic.

These monitors enable you to add moving content and videos to your display, which will create a more dynamic and engaging customer experience that is not possible with static, backlit signs.

How do I update content on my Digital Menu Board or Digital Display?

Your content for the digital menu board or digital display is uploaded and managed digitally through media players locally, or through the cloud remotely. There are several models of media players available, and DSA teams will be able to recommend one or the other based on your planned usage and type of content. We will provide you with basic instructions to connect your Digital Display to your media player and to upload and manage your content.

What is the benefit of Digital Signage?

When compared to traditional print advertising such as static displays and billboards, digital signage has several benefits. Digital signage attracts more attention effectively compared to traditional signage methods because there is better contrast and more vivid colors. Interactivity becomes possible and this can lead to an enhanced customer experience. Motion graphics and video catches the eye and draws customers in.

Static signs require printing graphics every time they need to be updated. With digital signage, you can always create new content any time you want with no cost. Messages can be changed easily according to the time of the day, day of week, or week of year. Real-time advertising and information are possible, and you can make use of your space effectively by showing a variety of messages on one screen.

Digital signs allow unique and changing content, to keep your viewers’ attention. You can easily tailor messages for your target audience and AI software can provide real-time demographics and targeted advertising. You can use your Digital Displays or Menu Boards to advertise promotional content, up-sell additional products or services, and share important announcements with your audience.

Does Digital Signage cost more than traditional static signage?

Digital signage, like digital menu boards and other digital displays, is a long-term investment that helps to increase business sales and drive revenue. Basic digital signage costs can be compared to traditional static signage costs for indoor applications. Adding features such as audio, outdoor rated and cloud content management will increase initial cost.

Outdoor digital signage may have more upfront costs than a static sign, but in the long run, it could save your business a lot of money. Changing the content on the display does not involve any additional cost associated to labor that traditional static signage has, as it can be done remotely from a computer. There are no print costs or wasted materials, and no employees on ladders to change out messages or prices. This saves you from printing, shipping, processing, and hourly labor costs.

What sizes are available?

Standard signage monitors range anywhere from 32 to 100 inches diagonally. Larger signage is accomplished by using multiple standard monitors in a grid to create a video wall, or by using direct view led tiles to form a single bezel-less image. Custom sizes, shapes, and contours are available with direct view LED and the sky is the limit when it comes to possible sizes.  

How do I upload content onto my digital monitor?

There are many ways to get your content onto the screen. The most popular three are listed as follows:

  1. If the monitor has an internal, built-in media player, connect a USB thumb drive to the USB port and navigate the menu with the remote control to play content directly from the thumb drive.
  2. Use local network content management. This capability is built into some monitors and allows connecting to the display through a local network and uploading content with a personal computer. If this is not a feature of your monitor, an external signage player connected to the monitor via HDMI will be needed. Plug an ethernet cable from the local network into the monitor or signage player for best results. Wireless options are available but not recommended. Note that this requires that the computer connecting to the monitor is connected to the same network as the player or monitor.
  3. Use cloud content management. This is the same as the above number 2 but the computer does not have to be on the same network and could be anywhere in the world for remote access. There is usually a small yearly fee to host your content on the cloud.

We will help you navigate through these options and determine which one works best with your needs and space requirements. Please contact us for more information!

What is a media player?

Media players have most or all of the following features. They allow users to organize their multimedia collection, play songs, movies, and images, listen to Internet radio, download online content, and stream content directly from the Internet. Your Media Player could be a software that plays audio, video, still, or animation files stored on a separate device, or a hardware that stores and plays audio, video, still, or animation files.

We can provide you with a hardware media player device, that connects to any type of monitor and makes content hosting and management easy! Please contact us for more information.

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