Healthcare Signage

Healthcare Signage Solutions That Enhance Hospital Rooms

Hospital signage is constantly evolving, and modern MRI rooms are now using design techniques that integrate equipment, creating the best possible experience for patients. Studies have proven that ceiling light boxes (aka membrane ceiling light boxes) are proven to help ease nerves of patients.

As healthcare facilities learn more about how to treat the whole person, not just their ailments, our LED light boxes are helping soothe and calm patients with a hollistic approach in testing facilities and hospital/dental patient rooms across the U.S.

Premium LED Lighting Your Patients Deserve

DSA has been manufacturing LED light panels for hospitals for many years. We work with system builders that have installed our products in almost every hospital in the U.S.

At DSA, we provide UL Listed light panels that are 100% non-ferrous and very easy to clean. We guarantee highly durable, locally made light boxes with custom lighting for soothing imagery that can be seen from the ceiling or walls of MRI/imaging suites.

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Light Boxes

You can bring nature inside using beautiful imagery, vibrant inks and the expert lighting of our LED photo frames. They create a warm light source, illuminating the full spectrum of colors to help set a serene mood in MRI and other testing rooms. Research shows this helps patients stay steady during exams, resulting in better test results the first time around and decreasing the need to retest.

Digital Signage

Our weatherproof enclosures and state-of-the-art digital displays help you inform patients about where to go, and how to follow the latest protocols from the parking lot to the waiting area to the exam room. Innovative providers incorporate digital healthcare signage into their internal procedures, helping streamline their procedures and generate data which supports research and long-term innovation.

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