Luxury Goods & Retail Signage

The right retail signage can make sales, specials, and promotions that much more alluring.                                   

At DSA Signage in-house design and fabrication experts engineer custom retail signage and lighting opportunities for your graphics inside a beautiful, clean-lined frame.

Our top-quality visual displays brighten your retail store windows and spaces, leaving a refined impression with customers.

All our light boxes and digital signage products are made in the U.S and are UL Certified.

This ensures their long-term durability as well as your safety.

We offer graphics expertise by subscription, too, ensuring all your updates happen on time and with consistent high quality.

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Retail Light Boxes

Our light boxes and digital signage products expertly highlight the bright colors of your gorgeous photography to elevate your window displays and draw customers inside to see more. We calibrate the perfect light temperature inside our backlit LED picture frames to create a beautiful, steady glow across the entire image, and engineer the mount so it’s easy to rotate graphics.

Retail Digital Signage

Your customers expect immersive design experiences more and more, and we can help you deliver them. We build digital kiosks integrating best-of-market commercial touchscreens, interactive displays and LED Video Walls. Paired with your high-quality digital content, our LED digital signage helps customers find what they want to know quickly.

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Retail Signage Case Studies


Creating luxury retail displays to increase store traffic
and a subscription-based model to update their
graphics once a month.


Creating an unforgettable retail shopping experience
for a luxury boutique during the holiday season
with bright light boxes stretching over 3 exterior

Luxottica Group

Integrating ultra-bright advertising displays in unused
spaces and walls to attract people passing by and
increase traffic inside the retail store, but also to enhance
their visitor’s visual experience.

Diamonds Direct

DSA’s light boxes served as both storefront displays,
enticing passersby with their retail signage, eye-catching
visuals and illuminated decor that enhance the in-store
experience by highlighting their products.


A typical LensCrafters store retail signage comprises an average
of 4 large-format Fabric SEG light boxes. They are either recessed,
free-standing, or wall-mounted and placed behind the storefront 
windows and inside the retail store.