Automotive & Car Wash Signage

Our bright, backlit LED automotive and car wash signage helps businesses like drive-thrus, gas stations, car washes, and dealerships stand out.

You need to lure customers to stop in. We integrate responsive car wash management software into our car wash menu signs to help you get the right message to the right customer at the right time, making it simple to upsell services and generate more revenue.

All our menu frames are easy to update.

That’s so you can keep up with fluctuating service or gas prices. DSA teams will walk you through the entire process from design to delivery, making it easy to upgrade your locations with new static or digital signage, or interactive menu boards whenever you’d like.

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Light Boxes

Perfectly lit automotive signage like LED light boxes upgrade showrooms and waiting areas by highlighting your brand identity in the best light possible. They create an atmosphere of beautiful imagery, clean lines, and solid design that leaves the right impression with current customers and potential buyers.

Menu Boards

Count on our beautiful static or digital car wash signage and automotive service menu boards to illuminate your catalog of services and entice customers to upgrade their choices. The even lighting and clean lines of our photo frames makes your content and imagery shine.

Digital Signage

Interactive signage boosts customer engagement by delivering personalized messages that helps customers feel seen. This deepens their faith in your business, making it easier to upsell services now, and keeping them returning for increasing sales in the long term.

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Case Studies

Johnny Clean Case Study

Equipping a state-of-the-art car wash with high-tech digital displays, building their brand loyalty while offering endless upselling opportunities.

Johnny Clean Car Wash Video

Car Wash FAQs

What type of car wash signage do you offer?

We offer indoor and outdoor signs, that you can use to display your price list or information about your membership packages or about your business in general. Outside, our signs are also used to direct the flow of traffic by signaling the entrance and exit of your drive thru for example.

DSA signs are either digital or static illuminated. Static illuminated car wash signs use an edge-lit LED or backlit LED, and a printed graphic is inserted for display. Digital signs include a digital monitor that is rated for the intended environment to guarantee the best performance over time. We design and manufacture enclosures in-house for outdoor signs, to guarantee that your sign will resist weather elements and remains waterproof under all circumstances. Your Car Wash signs can be wall-mounted or free-standing, and we can customize the enclosure based on your specifications, if needed. We can powder coat it any color to match your brand’s identity.

What is the difference between DSA Static Signs and standard poster frames?

Our static automotive signage is made with backlit or edge-lit LED strips, placed in the back of the light box, behind your graphic. They provide a bright, uniform illumination of your graphic to make sure that it is visible by your customers. The backlit illumination provides a glow that catches your customers’ attention and makes the content easy to read at any time of the day, which is great for your menu signs. They are also hardwired and are able to perform for more than 10 years without any maintenance needed, thanks to the performance of our LEDs.

Regular poster frames are not illuminated, which does not highlight your content and makes it difficult to read when the sun has settled down. You might need to use illuminated, static signs if your car wash opens early in the morning and/or late at night, to provide the best experience possible to your guests. Our illuminated signs are available to use for both indoor and outdoor menu signs. Illuminating your outdoor signs is a great way to stand-out from the crowd and make your business visible for people who are driving by.

How can I update content on DSA Digital Signs?

Several options exist to upload and update your content on your digital signs. Most of the digital monitors we offer have a built-in memory or a USB port. You can simply download your content into this internal or external memory, and update it as needed.

If you have several car wash locations or several menu signs in a same location and you wish to update all these menu boards’ content at the same time, we recommend purchasing a media player. A media player is an external hard drive that contains your content and is connected to your cloud. Once you have all your media players connected to your cloud, you will be able to access the cloud from your computer and upload/update your content for all your locations within seconds. But please note that you will need to purchase one media player for each digital monitor that you have. We can provide you with the media players you need, based on your usage, and help you set it up for quick, real-time content updates.

How can I update content on DSA Illuminated Signs?

First of all, we would like to mention here that you will need to print your graphic on a backlit film to be able to let the light shine through it, once installed into the illuminated, backlit sign. DSA can provide you with a turnkey solution, as we have abilities to help you design your graphic and print it, so that once you receive your sign the graphic is already installed. Just like regular poster frames, your graphic will be maintained in place thanks to a snap frame, that opens very easily from all 4 edges. If you wish to update your graphic with a new menu printout, you can update it within seconds by opening your frame and changing out the content. But please, feel free to contact us if you need further assistance.

Do you cover installation?

We have designed all of our automotive and car wash signage so they are very easy to install and do not require any specific installation teams. We recommend that you ask your general contractor and electrician to help you install your menu signs and confirm that you have the required power running through the conduit. DSA teams will help you with any technical drawings or information they might need to complete the installation.