Sports & Entertainment Signage


Attention is at a premium at sporting events and other entertainment venues.

Our expertly lit sports and entertainment signage, LED light boxes and digital displays, when paired with color-intensive graphics and motion at the right scale, help your messages cut through the noise and stand out among the crowd.

Our visual displays create an immersive environment.

They also increase advertising and revenue opportunities, and make an impression that lasts long after the last inning, quarter or standing ovation.

Their durable hardware and UL certification means you can count on our sports and entertainment signage to last for the long haul.

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Light Boxes

It’s critical your sports and entertainment signage be seen no matter where or how far away someone is standing from them, or how quickly they’re walking by. Our lighting experts ensure your sign will be backlit with even, steady, bright light so your color intensive graphics land with their full impact.

Digital Signage

Digital displays help you connect more closely with customers by adding interactivity and personalized content to your entertainment experience. We design and build all our wayfinding and interactive kiosks using the finest commercial displays and make them easy to update wirelessly.

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Case Studies

Universal Studios

Improving wayfinding and regulating traffic
flow in one of the world’s leading theme
parks with digital, customized displays.