Retail Light Box Display Case Study

Denver, CO

Using Retail Light Box Display’s to Showcase Products

Founded in 1960, Fjällräven is a Swedish brand specializing in outdoor equipment—primarily upscale clothing and luggage. Today the company’s timeless, functional, and durable outdoor equipment enjoys a global presence and can be found in over 70 countries.

DSA has been working with the brand’s North American construction division since 2022, supporting Fjällräven with new store openings and existing store remodels. DSA Signage creates bright, vivid retail light box display’s that showcase Fjällräven products throughout the day while also supporting display graphic needs.


Fjällräven was looking for a new partner to provide diverse retail signage due to problems with their previous vendor. The low-quality light boxes from the previous vendor lacked durability and frequently burned out. As a result, frequent replacements were necessary, and their advertising and store lighting were negatively impacted.


We collaborated with Fjällräven to improve retail light box display quality and ease. This improved the visitor experience in their stores with lasting and durable LED light boxes that highlight their products without burning out. Our team designed various retail light box displays to fit each store’s custom specifications.

Additionally, we consistently assist with the brand’s graphic needs for store openings, making it simple for the store staff to update the graphics monthly to align with their marketing campaigns.

The Result:

  • A minimum of 4 or more high-quality Fabric SEG light boxes depending on store size that last due to our durable extrusions and lasting LED lighting
  • Printing and shipping easy-to-install fabric graphics
  • Deliver on-time orders to new stores/remodels, with the ability to expedite orders when needed
  • Working with a company that practices sustainability similar to Fjällräven

Collaboration with DSA Signage 

Fjällräven, a brand with a mission to inspire the world to walk in nature, integrates DSA’s retail light box displays into their stores to vividly showcase their products in outdoor settings. Ben Marbach, the retail construction manager for Fjällräven, emphasizes the importance of presenting products in a way that connects with customers by displaying them on actual people rather than mannequins. This approach not only aligns with Fjällräven’s mission but also leverages the flexibility of DSA’s light boxes to change images seasonally, enhancing the customer experience and engagement in their stores.

Sustainability plays a crucial role in Fjällräven’s operational decisions, making DSA’s energy-efficient LED light boxes a perfect match for their stores. The durability and quality of DSA’s products have resolved previous issues faced with other vendors, ensuring reliability and longevity in their retail environments. Ben Marbach also highlights the convenience and efficiency of working with DSA, from the seamless integration of signage and graphics to the prompt and problem-solving nature of their service, especially appreciating the U.S.-based production for timely deliveries. Fjällräven’s partnership with DSA exemplifies a successful collaboration that meets their sustainability criteria, operational needs, and enhances their retail presentation.

Our Retail Light Box Display Solutions

DSA Signage has earned a glowing reputation as the golden standard among retail light box solutions. From Fjällräven to Dave’s Hot Chicken, we’ve helped brands, both big and small, intensify their displays and achieve spectacular results. 

We offer our clients an impeccable experience with outstanding benefits that include the following:

  • Customized, durable products to suit your design and size needs
  • Rich colors adjusted to your preferred tone and the ambiance you want to create
  • Superb customer service throughout the lifecycle of your retail light box display
  • Competitive lead times
  • Manufacturer warranty
  • UL listed
  • Dedicated account manager