Universal Studios Attraction Parks

Universal City, CA
Orlando, FL

Improving wayfinding and regulating traffic flow in one of the world’s leading theme parks with digital, customized displays.

Founded in 1964, Universal Studios theme parks based in Orlando, FL and Hollywood, CA are two of the most popular attraction parks worldwide.

They are known for highly immersive attractions such as rides and film production tours, based on famous classic and modern pop culture properties from NBC Universal, and they each draw around 10 million visitors per year.


DSA has been working with both Universal theme parks since 2015. Due to their popularity and high traffic, their main challenge is to control and channel the flow of visitors to maintain a great experience for everyone.

By using digital displays, the Park is able to provide real-time information about show or ride wait times to help their guests plan their day ahead and navigate efficiently throughout the attractions. It also provides wayfinding information and important announcements, while blending into the scenery and matching the Park’s theme.


DSA designed and manufactured various digital displays that can be found around the parks, with highly customized enclosures that were designed specifically to blend in seamlessly:

  • Custom single & double enclosures with pedestal
  • Mobile, battery-operated kiosk with 42″ portrait mode
  • Commercial-grade monitors, designed to run outdoors 24/7
  • High-bright, weatherproof and durable displays
  • Enclosed media player for remote content updates
  • Custom powder coat color