Nothing captures a customer’s attention quite like a light box. Made with light-emitting diodes (LEDs), these illuminated displays are used in a variety of industries to advertise products and services and communicate important information. Learn more about the different types of light boxes offered by DSA Signage, including fabric and frameless light boxes.

What Is a Light Box?

A light box is a physical display used to communicate advertising or product information. LED lights illuminate a graphic on a glass or acrylic panel surrounded by a metal frame. Light boxes have a wide range of applications, such as:

  • Directional signage: Light boxes can be used to display maps and directories in hospitals, airports, office buildings, and shopping centers.
    Advertising campaigns: Retail stores often use light boxes to showcase images of their merchandise and represent their brand.
  • Menus: Many fast-casual and drive-through restaurants use light boxes for their menus. Car washes and gas stations can also use light boxes to display services and prices.
  • Education: Light boxes are a visually appealing way to communicate information at museums, landmarks, and cultural institutions.

Because they are available in different sizes and styles, light boxes can be custom-designed to suit your business and enhance your brand identity.


Types of Light Boxes

LED light boxes are a great option for many businesses. Because LED lights are long-lasting and use less energy than fluorescents, they’re a more sustainable option. Light boxes offer flexibility – they can be wall-mounted or free-standing in a variety of sizes depending on your needs. At DSA Signage, we offer several different types of light boxes, including:

Backlit Light Box

One of the more common types of illuminated displays is a backlit light box that uses a panel of LED bulbs mounted behind the graphic. Because images are illuminated from behind, backlit light boxes are a good option for outdoor displays and high-impact advertisements.

Edge Lit Light Box

In this style of light box, LED bulbs are installed along the edges of an acrylic panel that displays a graphic. Because an edge lit light box uses fewer LEDs than a backlit light box, they tend to be a more cost-effective option. Like backlit light boxes, they may be single or double-sided.

Fabric SEG Light Box

The graphics in a light box can be made from a fabric panel, or they can be printed directly onto a film substrate. The silicone edge graphics (SEG) fabric light boxes, as the name suggests, are made with a thin, built-in silicone frame that holds the fabric in place in the light box frame. The frame is often made with lightweight aluminum and can be as narrow as 1/8 inch wide. With minimal framing, the viewer focuses only on the striking, well-lit graphic. They are usually backlit for a bright, even display and can be used in window displays or store interiors.

Snap Frame Light Box

This type of light box is a popular option for businesses that want to change up their advertising frequently. A snap frame light box opens and closes so that the business owner can replace the graphic or poster as needed. They are simple to install and maintain, making them a great option for retail stores that want to highlight different products or promotions throughout the year. Snap frame displays may be edge lit or backlit. Some need to be plugged into an outlet, while others come with a hard-wired power source.

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