As technology continues to improve, so do the ways that companies advertise their business. Digital signage is an example of this, using a combination of technologies to create digital advertisements, signs, and messages. Retail banking businesses can customize and control their digital signage from one location, making this an easy and efficient way to create awareness around your brand. Digital signage can even be set up to play during certain times of the day, which can increase the number of people who view your signage.

Learn more about digital signage and how to use it to your business’s advantage in the retail banking space.

Informative Product and Service Displays

The number one rule to crafting effective signage is to ensure it informs and engages your audience. Signage should include practical details, telling customers about the benefits of your store. For retail banking facilities, it can be beneficial to highlight your various banking products and services through digital signage. That way, customers can clearly understand the types of services and products you offer.

Signage can also display seasonal information, like current promotions, interest rates, or new services. Showcasing this information can encourage customers to inquire about banking services, as the new discount or service may influence a potential customer to choose your organization over another.

When it comes to banking, many individuals require assistance so they can make the best financial decisions. Digital signage can be a great way to educate customers about your financial products or services. The more information you can give customers, the more likely it is they will turn to you when they run into future questions or concerns about banking.

Interactive Customer Service Points

While getting customers to notice your signage is one concern, the next is figuring out how to get customers to interact with it. When a customer interacts with a digital advertisement or sign, it can increase the chances that they will seek out your services.

According to Medium, the most-read piece of content on the New York Times website in 2013 wasn’t even a story at all – it was an interactive quiz. Additionally, 81% of marketers believe interactive digital content has the power to grab the reader’s attention.

Retail banking facilities can benefit from implementing interactive digital signage into their marketing campaigns. One way to do this is by creating interactive touchpoints for customers. Touchpoints are the various ways customers can interact with a business. So, for retail banking facilities, touchpoints include:

  • Company events
  • Digital content
  • Digital signage
  • Online advertisements
  • Product feedback surveys
  • Product reviews
  • Social media

One strategy retail banking organizations may consider to incorporate interactive customer service points is installing self-service kiosks for basic banking transactions. These make the customer service process even easier for customers and employees. They also allow customers to interact with your business more casually.

Branding and Promotions 

Utilizing digital signage can also be a great way to showcase and reinforce your brand identity. When customers explore services, they search for reliability and consistency. While signage can seem like a small part of running a business, it plays a significant role in getting customers to view you as a reliable resource for banking information.

Signage that’s consistent in terms of color, style, and font helps customers recognize your brand without even seeing the name. The information you display should also be consistent, as this can reduce confusion surrounding your products or services. In turn, customers will view you as a dependable banking organization, which can encourage them to pursue services.

Digital signage can also be used to promote community events in which your banking facility participates. This way, customers can visualize exactly how you’re serving their community. This information shows potential customers how much you care about the people in the area you serve and that you bring this concern to banking services as well. Banking facilities can also use digital signage to highlight promotions and cross-selling opportunities.


Traditional Signage vs. Digital Signage in Retail Banking

Traditional signage and digital signage each bring unique advantages to the table in retail banking. Traditional signage, with its reliance on physical displays, offers a classic and timeless aesthetic that may resonate well with certain customer demographics. The familiarity of traditional signs can instill a sense of trust and permanence, contributing to a bank’s established image. While content changes may require manual updates, the simplicity of traditional signage can be advantageous in conveying straightforward information without the need for advanced technology.

On the other hand, digital signage introduces a dynamic and modern approach to information display. The ability to showcase real-time updates, multimedia content, and interactive elements can significantly enhance customer engagement. Digital signage’s adaptability allows banks to swiftly respond to changing marketing strategies or convey timely promotions. Despite a higher initial investment, the cost-effectiveness of digital signage becomes evident over time with lower maintenance expenses and the flexibility to remotely update content.

In summary, the choice between traditional and digital signage in retail banking involves a consideration of trade-offs. Traditional signage brings a sense of reliability and simplicity, catering to customers who appreciate a more conventional approach. Meanwhile, digital signage offers innovation, interactivity, and a contemporary image that may resonate with a tech-savvy audience. A strategic blend of both approaches may be a viable solution, leveraging the strengths of each to create a well-rounded and effective information display strategy in retail banking.

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