In the world of retail, pricing and product placement make up the foundation of your success. However, you also need to be mindful of presentation. The way you present your products, services, pricing, and deals to consumers matters a lot. One critical component of presentation that often gets overlooked is indoor retail signage.

The best retail signage strategies use a combination of vibrant branding, colorful physical assets, and digital tools. Uniting traditional physical assets with digital signage leads to a more immersive and personalized experience for your audience. Our ultimate guide to indoor retail signage will explore what the concept is, provide real-world examples, and highlight the benefits of incorporating it into your business.

What Is Indoor Retail Signage?

In 2016, the global digital signage market was valued at $19.61 billion. Today, the digital signage market is valued at $32.84 billion. In seven year’s time, the digital signage market has nearly doubled in value, thanks in large part to the proliferation of indoor retail signage.

Indoor retail signage is any sign or display asset that you use within your business to communicate with customers. Sounds simple enough, right?

At its core, indoor retail signage is very straightforward. However, it’s not just about marking sections of your store or advertising prices. Retail signage should also create an immersive experience for your customers, guiding them through your offerings and enhancing brand recall.

It’s important to understand the difference in purpose between indoor retail and other signage types. Exterior or off-site signage is primarily used for lead generation and educational purposes. Conversely, indoor retail signage elevates the customer journey and promotes better engagement throughout it.


Examples of Indoor Retail Signage

Indoor retail signage can take many forms. The specific types of digital retail signage you employ will vary based on factors such as:

  • Your niche
  • The size and layout of your store
  • Customer preferences

That said, there are a few common types of indoor retail signage that would benefit most retail locations, including:

LED Light Boxes

Picture a soft, even glow illuminating high-resolution graphics that promote your product or brand message. LED light boxes are a visually appealing way to showcase promotions, highlight products, or simply reinforce your brand messaging.

LED light boxes are also energy-efficient, which means you’ll incur minimal long-term costs. Most importantly, you’ll create a stop-and-stare moment that encourages customers to digest and react to your brand messaging.

Digital Signage

Replacing traditional signs and posters with digital retail signage is a great way to modernize your business environment. Digital signage provides unmatched versatility, enabling you to effortlessly update prices or publish new content at will. The ability to change content remotely ensures your messaging is always timely and relevant.

While digital signage does involve a more significant upfront investment than traditional signs, you’ll enjoy long-term cost savings. Instead of placing a new sign order for each in-store marketing campaign, you can update your signs at will.


Interactive Kiosks

Modern consumers want to be engaged throughout every interaction with your brand. Interactive kiosks can provide the level of engagement consumers crave. You can use kiosks to provide product information, process orders, or even allow customers to virtually try on clothing and apparel.

Adding kiosks to your retail stores can be especially appealing to younger, technologically savvy consumers. Offering digital try-on options also promotes cleanliness and reduces the burden on your team, as they won’t have to spend hours collecting clothing items from changing areas.

Menu Boards

Primarily for eateries, menu boards offer a clear, attractive method for displaying food items. With the flexibility to update pricing or highlight daily specials with ease, they enhance the customer ordering experience.

Like other signage, menu boards make it easy to alter pricing and product offers. They are also eye-catching and easy to read. All you need to do is add high-quality images, and your audience will be salivating over the delectable delights on your menu.

Cost of Indoor Retail Signage

The cost of indoor retail signage can range from economical to high-end, depending on the:

  • Technology you use
  • Level of customization involved
  • Size of your business

Traditional static signs might have a more budget-friendly initial price, but high-tech options offer long-term benefits and a strong return on investment. For most businesses, using a mix of digital and static retail signage is the most pragmatic approach.

Do you want to wow your customers as soon as they walk in? Install a digital kiosk or sign just inside your foyer. And if you need some budget-friendly signage to label your aisles, go with static options. Finding the perfect balance in your retail signage strategy will amplify customer engagement and drive sales — all while preserving your marketing budget.


Benefits of Indoor Retail Signage

Indoor retail signage provides a wide array of benefits, including:

  • Enhanced Customer Experience: Well-positioned signs can guide customers through your space, creating an engaging and frictionless experience
  • Brand Reinforcement: Consistent branding throughout your store keeps your business top of mind and nurtures feelings of loyalty
  • Promotional Versatility: With options like digital signage, you can easily rotate promotions, sales, and new arrivals
  • Operational Efficiency: Digital menu boards streamline the ordering process in eateries, alleviating the pressure on sales staff during rush hour
  • Cost Savings: No more purchasing one-time-use signage. Going digital can save you thousands in printing costs and reduce your waste output

If you’ve been looking to refresh the in-store experience, upgrading your retail signage is a great place to start. Now that you know why you should use indoor retail signage, all that’s left to do is find the perfect vendor.

Engage Your Audience With Indoor Retail Signage

Digital retail signage is extremely valuable for relaying important data and keeping customers engaged once they enter your store. You can use retail signage to draw attention to the latest deals, upsell customers, and create a frictionless experience.

Are you ready to add digital retail signage to your customer engagement strategy? Contact DSA Signage for a custom quote, and we’ll brighten your brand together.