Crystal Frame Light Box

Crystal Frame Light Box

Looking for an elegant display solution? Our Crystal Budget LED light box features a slim, clear acrylic design that softly illuminates graphics and advertising. A silver or black border surrounding the graphic provides a framed effect for added impact.

The Crystal Budget LED light box has one of the thinnest profiles on the market. A black or silver border outlines your message, a unique design element that helps draw attention to the display. At a quick glance, the crystal frame appears to be made of clear glass but is actually constructed of durable, translucent acrylic, allowing the light to pass through the frame efficiently and effectively. Beautiful, bright, white LED illumination provides the ultimate energy-efficient lighting while showcasing your display brilliantly.

This model is ideal for indoor use.


  • Durable, acrylic construction
  • Light weight and easily transportable
  • Face frame 2″ width
  • Depth 3/8″
  • Wall mount
  • Wall plug power supply included
  • Limited warranty



  • 22″ x 28″
  • 24″ x 36″

Frame colors:

Anodized Silver, Matte Black



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