LED Light Panels can be extremely useful in homes and businesses alike. They range from simple light adjustments to intricate design displays, making them great for a variety of means. DSA’s custom LED light panel can boast precise settings, allowing you to create beautiful displays with a precise, one-of-a-kind feel in a business or a home. The light panels provide bright, saturated colors that can help enhance the look and atmosphere of any room. With their low-maintenance design and adjustable settings, led light panels can help make your home or business more stylish and efficient. Explore DSA’s custom LED light panel projects and uses here.

LED Panel Lights for Home

A recent use case in a home was used to illuminate a large cristallo quartzite island countertop in a Palm Beach Gardens, Florida home. There is a rising trend of illuminated stones in interior design with a wide range of applications, including stairways, countertops and feature walls. The cristallo quartzite slab used in this project was sourced by Spazio Marble and fabricated by Stone Palace and measured 70″ x 128″. There were three 6500K LED Panels, each 41″ x 66″ used to illuminate the stone and enhance its natural beauty. This type of project is a unique use of this light panel due to the high cost and fragility of an illuminated countertop in a home. LED light panels cannot be used on countertops with a sink or any water source, so they can only go in certain places in a home.

There are also extremely high installation and freight costs due to the uniqueness of the project. To put it in perspective, the average price is $66 per square foot, meaning if you have a countertop that is 36×48, 12 sq. ft, the price would be around $795.62. Freight costs can run around 30-35% of the total cost of the product itself. The freight cost was typically around 10% but has increased dramatically in the last few years due to Covid and inflation. Lastly, the cost of the crate to ship depends on the size and can range from $100-$700. As you can see, doing this sort of project in a home can be costly, and hard to find installers who can even do the work.

LED Panels for Businesses

However, our LED Light Panels are ideal for businesses and industries such as interior design firms, retail stores, fixture companies, construction or contractors, and museum and art exhibitions. These types of businesses can use the light panels as an indirect illumination source to showcase work or products and services.

Light panels can be added underneath counters at jewelry stores or even an interior design firm showcasing designs, as well as in healthcare waiting rooms or outdoor displays. The LED panels are ultra-slender at just under 1/2″ in-depth and are ideal for illuminating natural stone and similar materials. They are available in three different light temperatures, 3200K warm white, 4200K neutral white, and 6500K daylight, to suit a wide variety of color palettes.

LED Light Panel Product Features:
  • Available in sizes up to 72″ x 120″
  • Slender depth of 1/2″
  • LED edge lighting diffused by an etched acrylic grid
  • High output or ultra-high output
  • 3200K warm white, 4200K neutral white, or 6500K daylight color temperature options
  • 24 Volts DC
  • Wall plug or hard wire power supply
  • Dimmable power supply optional
  • Energy-efficient LEDs rated for up to 100,000 hours
  • Two-year warranty against defects
  • UL listed for safety and code compliance
  • Made in the USA

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