Lightweight and versatile, the fabric SEG light box is an affordable and effective way for organizations to highlight advertising materials and illuminate messaging at their retail sites or facilities. Since its conception 10 years ago, this light box has changed considerably, giving businesses more options when searching for technology to enhance their displays. Learn more about the history of the fabric SEG light box and its relationship to DSA Signage.

A Short History of the Fabric SEG Light Box

DSA Signage first introduced the fabric Silicone Edge Graphics (SEG) light box as part of its product lineup in 2012. At that time, the light box featured edge-lit lighting, which means the LED bulbs used for illumination were placed along the edge of the box’s acrylic panel. The edge-lit option is typically more cost-effective than some alternatives.

Word got out about these LED light boxes quickly — in 2014, DSA Signage sold the fabric SEG light box to the widely recognizable retail chain Forever 21. This event was followed by a stream of innovation from DSA Signage. In 2015, a backlit option was created to replace the edge-lit light box. Backlit light boxes showcase bulbs across the entire back of the frame, not just the perimeter. This translates to a more vivid image with potentially more visibility.

In 2018, DSA Signage elevated light box technology by combining two varieties and producing the first, large-format option. The following year, DSA Signage created a partnership with Morphe, a cosmetics business founded in 2008 in Los Angeles, California, that offers various cruelty-free makeup products and related accessories. It was to Morphe that DSA Signage sold and installed the first large-format light box.


Why So Many Businesses Rely on the Light Box

Light boxes allow companies to generate unique and eye-catching messaging the way few other technologies can. By enabling enterprises to better capture their customers’ attention with vibrant visuals, light boxes may help you increase brand awareness and possibly stand out from competitors.

Light boxes are also relatively economical compared to other forms of in-store advertising, making them easier to fit into an existing budget. Additionally, since light boxes are customizable, you can swap out graphics without needing to purchase a new light box each time.

While you can reap these benefits from nearly any light box, not all are designed the same way. For instance, you may choose between the fabric SEG light box and the snap frame light box, the latter being ideal for changing graphics efficiently.

From a marketing standpoint, frameless fabric LED light boxes provide distinct advantages, as well. No matter the size of the image, a fabric SEG light box will generate even lighting across the entire graphic. More consistent lighting for each graphic can also promote a uniform look for all marketing at your building. Beyond the lighting, frameless fabric LED light boxes tend to emit fewer glares and are often easier to store than alternatives since they can be folded or rolled to take up less space.

The Evolution of DSA Signage

Like the fabric SEG light box, DSA Signage has evolved significantly since its conception and has been committed to innovating products and experiencing internal growth. DSA Signage was founded in Los Angeles by David Spradling, a leading manufacturer of visual display products with more than 45 years of experience helping well-known brands enhance their marketing.

From the beginning, we have worked to differentiate ourselves from others in this industry by combining broad engineering expertise and our in-house manufacturing capacity to deliver exceptionally high-quality products. As such, businesses nationwide depend on us for their signage needs, including the following industries:

Proud of our community, DSA Signage hires many people from the surrounding Los Angeles area. We are also certified by National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC) as a minority-owned business and an Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action employer. We believe diversity is essential to our success as it brings talent and fresh perspectives from people of multiple backgrounds. Beyond providing good-paying jobs to individuals in our community, we also invest in volunteer initiatives at local food banks and other organizations.

Trust DSA Signage for Your Display Needs

If you want to take advantage of the many benefits that the frameless fabric LED light box offers businesses across countless sectors, turn to DSA Signage for solutions. We supply a host of light box options, including fabric SEG light boxes, snap frame light boxes, and LED light panels. Contact us today if you need a light box and would like a custom quote.