When deciding on a light box for a snap frame, there are two primary options to consider — edge-lit and backlit. While both provide light for posters and other graphic advertising content, each illuminates images differently. For instance, backlit light boxes tend to deliver a more uniform distribution of light. If your organization has never used a backlit display box, you may be missing out on a simple yet effective marketing strategy. Discover how backlit light boxes work and their many benefits. 

How Do Backlit Light Boxes Work? 

In a frame or display case with a backlit lighting system, a panel with bulbs across its entire width rests behind the image, facing towards it. This design differentiates them from edge-lit light boxes, which illuminate graphics indirectly by emitting light from the perimeter of the frame. 

Since backlit light boxes contain more bulbs than their edge-lit counterparts, they tend to be a better option for large posters and graphics. They also provide enhanced visibility of marketing materials in outdoor advertisements.


Benefits of Using Backlit Light Boxes 

Backlit light boxes are popular across many industries because of their various advantages in creating print advertising that reaches target audiences. For example, a retail store may use a backlit LED sign on the wall outside their doors to promote a sale, while a movie theater may use a backlit frame to advertise upcoming films in the lobby. Regardless of the specific application, backlit light boxes provide a host of benefits, including:

Improved Visibility 

On the whole, human eyes are more attracted to bright, bold colors than they are cool, darker hues. Consequently, the brighter the signage, the more likely it is to engage clients. By strategically placing backlit light boxes throughout the store or facility, you make it easier for customers to locate on-demand information — especially outside or in high-traffic areas — which ultimately augments their overall experience.

Uniform Lighting 

One downside of edge-lit light boxes is that they tend to dim graphics in the center because the light source emanates from the sides. With bulbs across the whole panel, backlit light boxes deliver a more consistent distribution of light across the frame. This feature not only makes it easier for clients to decipher all the content in the graphic, but it also facilitates a cleaner appearance.

Sharper, More Vivid Graphics 

If you produce your graphics using a high-quality printer and then put them in frames with insufficient lighting, you may lose some of the vital details that make the advertisement stand out. The higher light intensity of backlit frames makes the color saturation and contrast of the image more pronounced, allowing it to catch more customers’ eyes.

More Effective Communication with Clients 

The heightened visibility of backlit light boxes means businesses can communicate with customers as they shop or navigate the facility. If there is a sale on an item, consider using a backlit frame in the same department to make it easier for shoppers to find the product. You may also highlight other departments in backlit light boxes to help clients locate the services they need, or showcase complementary products or services in multiple light boxes.


Backlit Light Boxes are Not for Every Project

Despite the many advantages of this technology, it does have some features that do not jive with every project or use. For one, backlit light boxes do not have the low profile of edge-lit light boxes because they require more space for diffusion. Specifically, they need two to four additional inches behind the graphic. 

Another point to consider with choosing to use backlit light boxes is that they can be more expensive. Since backlit frames have more bulbs, users should expect to spend more on energy costs. For a good reason though, as they offer a more even concentration of light for elevated visibility increasing the effectiveness of your advertising, which could potentially help increase revenue. In other words, the higher upfront costs for backlit light boxes may be worth it in the long run. 

Trust DSA Signage for Quality Backlit Light Boxes 

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