Due to their easy installation and simple yet stylish appearance, snap frames have become a widely-used resource for showcasing advertising materials, posters, and other graphic elements. Light boxes pair with snap frames, providing an internal lighting source that illuminates the image from behind.

Businesses across many industries — from food and beverage to automotive — rely on the light box snap frame method to appeal to their audiences with vivid and engaging marketing content. If your company has never used a snap frame light box before, consider the advantages of implementing the tool into your advertising strategy.

How Do Snap Frame Light Boxes Work?

Before looking at light boxes, it is necessary to understand snap frames. Essentially, they are oversized picture frames that hold posters and large flyers. Snap frames are convenient because they do not involve complex installation instructions or special tools. Instead, they contain four rails making up the frame that snaps open, allowing users to take out an old graphic and insert a new piece easily.

DSA_signage_ light_box_frame

The light box component rests inside the frame to make the images and wording more visible to customers or passersby. Snap frame light boxes come in several varieties, each with a slightly different operation. For instance, edge-lit light boxes feature light bulbs on the inside edges of the frame that deliver indirect illumination, shining light through the clear film behind the poster. Conversely, backlit light boxes have bulbs across the entire panel that sits behind the graphic, delivering more consistent light on the frame.

An important aspect of the light box snap frame method is the power supply. Some manufacturers provide a plug-in source for individual frames, while others supply a large, hard-wire power apparatus to support multiple snap frame light boxes.

Applications of Snap Frame Light Boxes

One of the most notable advantages of snap frame light boxes is their versatility. Businesses often use the instrument to highlight new products and services, disseminate information to a large crowd, and promote upcoming events. Some industries that utilize snap frame light boxes include:

Benefits of Using Snap Frame LED Light Boxes

While all snap frame light boxes are a popular tool in advertising, LED light boxes have quickly become one of the most sought-after alternatives. The following advantages explain why the snap frame LED light box is the standard across many sectors:

Ease of Graphic Updates

Snap frame LED light boxes offer easy-to-open snap edges that allow for simple and fast installation of a graphic. Using a Snap frame does not require any specific installation skills, and can be done by your employees or staff within a few short minutes. These types of light boxes are great when used for advertising campaigns, promotional content or announcements. Snap frames can be ideal for retail environments, medical facilities, churches and more due to their ease of use and versatility.

Energy Efficiency

According to some research, LED lights are considerably more efficient than other light bulbs. The United States Department of Energy (DOE) finds that LEDs in homes use a minimum of 75% less energy and last up to 25 times longer than incandescent lighting. Since most light boxes run all week for several hours each day, using LEDs means fewer operating expenses overall.


LEDs do not pose some of the health risks other lighting methods do. For example, fluorescent light bulbs — which were the leading light source for signage for many years — contain trace amounts of mercury. This element carries adverse environmental effects and potentially human harm if broken. LEDs do not have the same concerns and emit less heat, decreasing their ecological impact. All of the light boxes at DSA Signage are UL listed to ensure the safety of the premises and its occupants.


No matter the graphic size that you need to illuminate or the available surface to display the light box to, you can find a light box to meet your needs. LED light boxes take this flexibility a step further by enabling users to personalize the system with multiple color and dimming settings, as well as special effects like flashing. Our light boxes are made to order with a maximum size of 72 x 120.


Example of customized frame with mirror finish, custom designed for Ferragamo.

Obtain LED Light Boxes from DSA Signage

If you are looking for lightweight yet durable LED light boxes for your snap frames that will last a long time, turn to DSA Signage for superior products. In addition to LED lighting, each LED light box comes with a built-in etched acrylic panel, clear cover sheet, power supply, and 24-month warranty against material and workmanship defects.

At DSA Signage, our team of highly skilled engineers, fabricators, and customer service representatives leverage over 45 years of experience to design forward-thinking signage systems. By partnering with us, you receive long-lasting and beautiful products that increase your brand presence and bottom line. We go beyond the simple process of supplying items to develop long-term relationships with clients. Contact us today if you need a light box and would like a quote.