In this technology-driven world, many people enjoy the digital interactions they encounter each day. From scrolling social media to ordering a meal online, technology creates favorable and memorable experiences.

Fortunately, restaurants can take advantage of this phenomenon by tapping into the power of technology with digital menu boards.

What Is a Digital Menu Board?

A digital menu board is precisely what it sounds like: digital signage that displays your restaurant’s menu electronically using a high-quality screen and compatible software.

These digital screens engage restaurant customers by showing their meal options, food item descriptions, ingredients, pricing, special deals, and anything else restaurant owners wish to highlight for their customers.

4 Benefits of a Digital Menu Board

Studies show that approximately 90% of the information the brain processes is visual. Consequently, humans remember four times more visual imagery than words and process images 60,000 times faster.

As a result, restaurants that invest in digital signage do more than create an excellent experience for their customers. They also enhance brand consistency and loyalty, saving their staff and management teams time and money.

1. Update Content Easily

Traditional menu signage may prove to be difficult to change when you must hire outside sources and wait for them to complete the job. If your menu changes frequently or you operate multiple locations, things can quickly get complicated and create organizational issues for your business.

You and your team can maintain efficient operations by making the changes in-house with a digital menu board or partner with a content management provider.

You’ll be able to create and display new offerings, promotions, and ingredients. When you need to alter prices, rearrange menu items, or eliminate offers, you can complete the task quickly and move on to other pressing matters.

2. Reduce the Impact of Wait Times

Longer wait times typically drive customers away from a restaurant. Chick-fil-A’s CEO estimates that up to 30% of their customers drive away because they think they’ll have to wait too long to receive their meal. The good news is that digital signage can reduce perceived wait times by up to 35%.

Digital menus can display dynamic visual content, including moving menu items, ordering instructions, videos, and even news or weather feeds. These elements engage your customers and keep them entertained while waiting in line, making them much less likely to leave your restaurant during the busy lunch or dinner rush.

3. Long-Term Cost Savings

One of the hidden benefits of digital menu boards is that they save you a great deal of money in the long term.

For one thing, you won’t have to pay a graphic designer or printer when changing your menu. Those with multiple restaurant locations or ever-changing offers will especially appreciate the cost reduction associated with a digital menu board.

Furthermore, digital menu boards make dayparting much easier.

With digital signage, you’ll never have to worry about buying multiple signs or changing your menu based on the time of day. Digital menu boards can be set to automatically alter menu offerings depending on whether you’re serving breakfast, lunch, or dinner, streamlining your team’s transitions during each part of the workday.


4. Maintain Brand Consistency

Digital signage makes it easier to ensure that your branding is consistent across all areas of your restaurant. This becomes even more important if you have (or plan to have) multiple locations, as customers will see the same colors, fonts, and messaging no matter which location they visit.

Another one of the big benefits of digital menu boards is that they make it easier for customers to see and read your menu content.

As such, they’ll know what they want to order before approaching the register or order box and require less help understanding options and offers. This gives your team more time to build customer relationships, thereby increasing brand loyalty across the board.

Making a Case for Digital Menu Boards

The benefits of digital menu boards don’t just look good on paper. Some of the world’s top brands benefit from the real-world use of digital signage.

The rapidly growing Slim Chickens now operates more than 100 locations, with over 350 locations in development throughout 19 states, the UK, and the Middle East. DSA quickly became their sole drive-thru signage provider, partnering with the fast-growing brand to optimize their drive-thru locations.

By using bright colors and displaying the full scope of their extensive menu, we were able to offer a unique solution that aligns with Slim Chickens brand identity. The DSA team delivers on time for every store opening and provides extended customer support when needed.

Reap the Benefits of Digital Signage

Digital menu boards are an excellent way to create a seamless experience for your customers by appealing to their desire for visually appealing content. By switching to digital signage, your business can reap the rewards of greater engagement, efficiency, retention, and loyalty.

If you’re ready to enhance your brand with a digital menu board, the team at DSA Signage offers many high-quality solutions. Contact our team to get a custom quote and learn more about how we can create a digital menu board that meets your customers’ needs and promotes your long-term goals.