Digital signage is one of the most compelling advertising resources for businesses across many sectors. When used indoors, it enables companies to underscore featured products and deals. When implemented outdoors, it can draw the attention of passersby and help you stand out from the competition. Let’s explore the benefits of using digital signage and discuss which industries find digital signage most valuable.

Benefits of Digital Signage

Part of why so many enterprises utilize digital signage is that it can facilitate more effective on-site marketing. One of the more apparent benefits of digital signage is that it empowers businesses to communicate with customers en masse and guide their decisions while shopping or obtaining services. Sharing marketing messages is not the only advantage of digital signage — you may also consider the advertising tool for the following reasons:

  • Cost-effective: By decreasing the need for conventional marketing materials, businesses can save money on printing while reducing the amount of paper waste generated.
  • Customer involvement: Digital signage can keep customers more engaged at your site. For example, you can use it to guide them to promoted items or provide information about how they can connect with your business online.
  • Efficiency: Many companies introduce new or limited products and services throughout the year. With digital signage, you can update advertising swiftly, maximizing the potential for sales, special events, and new releases to reap profits.
  • Customer experience: Using digital signage to let customers know where to find certain products, services, or discounts at your site can enhance their satisfaction, which may increase the chances they return.
  • Scalability: Once a design and process is in place for digital signage, it becomes a replicable process. Making multiple signs and stemming off an original design makes it easy to grow by each sign or location.

Industries that Benefit Digital Signage? 

Given the numerous benefits of using digital signage, it stands to reason why many industries would implement the technology into their marketing strategies. The following are a handful of sectors that leverage digital signage to boost their operations:

Benefits of Digital Signage in Retail
Digital signage can be a lifesaver in the retail and luxury goods industries. As online shopping increases in popularity, these establishments must find techniques to draw more customers to their physical locations.

Retail businesses may use digital signage to promote in-store-only deals and customize messaging to reflect the needs and demands of different types of shoppers at various points throughout the day. If customers feel they get a more personalized and interactive experience in person, they may be more likely to come back.

  • Increase engagement with window displays
  • Display digital content like social media accounts or other advertising methods
  • Share versatile brand promotions and campaigns

Benefits of Digital Signage in Restaurants
Restaurants — in particular, fast casual, quick service restaurants (QSRs) and similar establishments — can integrate digital signage into menu boards to create a unique experience. Combining these capabilities can enable food and beverage businesses to provide guests with tantalizing visuals of different options while ensuring they get the necessary information, such as prices and nutritional facts.

They may also use digital signage to create a seamless transition between breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus, as well as maintain a consistent selection across multiple sites. In this way, digital signage may be the key to reducing miscommunications about what items are and aren’t available — a sensitive topic for a surprising amount of QSR fans.

  • Digital menu boards are a great way to encourage upsells and brand loyalty
  • Menu board can be easily updated to reflect new items and changing ingredient information
  • Creative wall signage helps build branding, which is an increasingly important part of restaurant advertising

Benefits of Digital Signage in the Entertainment Industry
From stadiums to movie theaters, many sports and entertainment venues rely on digital signage to get the message out about events. Incorporating video into digital signage may be especially beneficial for these businesses. A movie theater may use it in the lobby to show trailers for upcoming features, and an arena may implement them to allow those in concession lines or even passersby outside to keep up with the game or show.

  • Share fluctuating ticket pricing and seat availability
  • Broadcast eye-catching messages, upcoming shows, and promotions
  • Create an atmosphere of excitement that is core to exceptional customer experience

Benefits of Digital Signage in Healthcare 
Sitting in a hospital or doctor’s office waiting room is certainly a different experience than shopping in a store or attending an event. Patients may be anxious about the appointment, and bright, flashing images can be overwhelming. However, this doesn’t mean digital signage has no place in healthcare facilities.

Conversely, digital signs can be designed to emit a soothing glow in testing rooms or to keep patients occupied while they wait for the nurse to come and get them. While seemingly small, employing digital signage this way can tremendously impact the patient experience.

For the facility, digital signage can simplify many processes, such as employee onboarding and training, interdepartmental conferences, and communication.

  • Convey important messages, instructions, and announcements to patients, visitors, and staff
  • Provide patients with wait times, appointment reminders, and directions to different areas of the facility
  • Help healthcare facilities comply with various regulations, such as those related to patient privacy and safety.

Benefits of Digital Signage in Academic Institutions 
Digital signage finds multiple purposes in the education sector. A high school might utilize it to create a more dynamic scoreboard for football games, while a college may implement interactive maps throughout the campus to help guests locate certain buildings. If the budget allows, a school may employ digital signage in classrooms to make lessons more engrossing.

  • Help schools and universities to convey important messages, such as class schedules, event announcements, emergency alerts, and campus news, to students, faculty, and staff
  • Capture the attention of students and faculty with dynamic and interactive content, such as videos, animations, and social media feeds
  • Help reduce paper waste and contribute to a more sustainable campus environment
  • Promote campus events and activities, as well as display sponsored content and advertisements

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