Recently, our CEO Shokouh Shafiei, had the pleasure of being a guest on the Advancio Talks podcast during the NMDSC conference in Baltimore, Maryland. This insightful conversation with Josie Lopez, Co-Founder of Advancio Talks, gave listeners a comprehensive view of the signage industry from the perspective of DSA Signage, a company leading the way with its innovative solutions.

Shokouh explained in detail about our operations at our 40,000 ft manufacturing facility based in Los Angeles, California. With light metal manufacturing at the heart of our operations, our diverse product line consists of aluminum extrusions, steel posts, structures, and a wide array of electronic components. These components are at the core of our offerings – whether they are static light boxes, digital signage, or drive-thru menu boards. The versatility of our products allows them to be customized according to our clients’ needs, ensuring that our signage solutions are always at the forefront of innovation.

However, the conversation also touched on the challenges that DSA Signage and the industry as a whole face. The significant impact the pandemic had on the retail sector resulted in a shift in consumer behavior, which had ripple effects on our operations. Despite this, DSA managed to ride the wave, maintaining profitability, and even increasing our employee headcount.

Another major challenge addressed was the issue of attracting talent, especially in skilled labor areas such as welding and machining. In response to this, DSA has embraced innovation, investing in robotic process automation, and creating high-paying, attractive jobs. This approach has increased our headcount by about 30% since pre-pandemic.

Shokouh emphasized the importance of a strong team and continuous investment in them. She highlighted that the employees, the ones who work closest with the product, are the lifeblood of the company. At DSA, we strive to go beyond just being a supplier, working to be partners to our clients, providing value more than just the tangible product.

This enlightening conversation with Shokouh offered a glimpse into the world of signage from the perspective of a seasoned professional at the helm of an innovative company. As we continue to navigate the tumultuous waters of the industry, DSA Signage remains committed to continually investing in our team, fostering an environment of growth, learning, and innovation. We strive to be more than just suppliers but partners to our clients, providing value beyond the tangible product and brightening their brands.

To learn more about DSA and our dynamic signage solutions, listen to the full podcast below.