Fused glass artwork by Washington Glass Studio, illuminated by DSA LED Light Panels

Fused glass artwork by Washington Glass Studio, 74.25″ w x 110.25″ h, illuminated by DSA LED Light Panels, commercial lobby in Bethesda, MD.

Commercial Lobby Illumination

DSA LED Light Panels were selected to illuminate a Bethesda, Maryland, commercial lobby art glass project designed by The Washington Glass Studio in collaboration with art consultants Directions in Art. The fused glass artwork in shades of blue and white stretches from floor to ceiling. Each individual glass panel is backlit by a 24″ x 36″ LED Light Panel in bright white 6500K illumination to showcase the intricate design. An architectural stainless steel framework surrounding the fused glass panels conceals the electrical connectors and drivers. The studio completed two large-scale backlit artworks on the upper and lower floors for this particular commission. The Washington Glass Studio creates high-quality, large-scale art and architectural projects for the public domain and via private commissions. Its educational facility, The Washington Glass School, provides sculptural glass education. It is an artistic and community center and resource for the mid-Atlantic region, serving students, artists, and the general public. Ideal for illuminating art, POP graphics, and for use as architectural lighting.

LED Light Panels

DSA LED Light Panels are available in sizes ranging from as small as 8″ x 8″ up to a visually stunning 72″ x 120″. Made in the USA, these slender 0.5″ deep panels are UL listed for safety and code compliance and come with a two-year warranty against defects.

Additional specifications:

  • 3200K warm white, 4200K neutral white, or 6500K daylight color temperatures
  • High output or ultra-high output
  • Includes wall plug or hard wire LED power supply
  • Dimmable power supply available

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