If you’re considering the purchase of a digital signage solution with a BrightSign media player but were wondering how the content authoring software works, we’ll show you! We have put together two new videos on BrightAuthor software. BrightAuthor Software is free with any BrightSign digital signage media player purchase and what we use in-house to create our digital signage presentations.

The first video is an in-depth overview of the BrightAuthor software showing the basics of creating a digital signage presentation.  With an intuitive interface, drag and drop functionality, and preset or custom layouts, it’s easy to use and has built-in features for looping, interactivity, synchronization, and scheduling. You can create a presentation from scratch or repurpose already created content including artwork, photos, and videos to make a digital signage presentation. Towards the end of the video, you can view sample presentations we created using BrightAuthor. Creating Presentations with BrightAuthor Video We cover publishing BrightAuthor presentations to a BrightSign Network cloud account in the second video.  The BrightSign Network is a subscription-based, hosted cloud service that gives you powerful and scalable network management for digital signage with the convenience of remote access.

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