DSA Light Boxes in the Gardner Museum Revisited exhibition by Kota Ezawa

DSA Light Boxes in the Gardner Museum Revisited exhibition by Kota Ezawa, Christopher Grimes Gallery in Santa Monica.

Illuminating an Art Gallery

Featured in an exhibition of new work by contemporary artist Kota Ezawa at the Christopher Grimes Gallery, DSA Light Boxes are used to display illuminated images in a thought-provoking mixed media installation that recreates thirteen works of art stolen from the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in 1990.

The Light Boxes were created in the original size of the stolen artwork and include representations of paintings and sketches by Rembrandt, Vermeer, Manet, and Degas and range in graphic size from 8″ x 8″ up to 50″ x 62″. Kota Ezawa often reworks images from popular culture using animation and drawing to create simplified yet recognizable abstractions that comment on the effect and power that images have on memory. The Gardner Museum Revisited exhibition will be open through March 12, 2016, at the Christopher Grimes Gallery in Santa Monica. Founded in 1979, the gallery presents a diverse program of contemporary art in a variety of media and curates work from new and established artists.

Side Access Backlit Light Boxes

Our Standard Slim Line Light Box in an anodized silver finish was the chosen model for this installation. With a narrow 2.75″ depth and hinged side opening, this model was customized with LED backlit strips to provide bright, evenly diffused, and energy-efficient illumination.

Made in the USA, our custom Light Boxes are designed and produced in a California-based, UL-listed manufacturing facility. Our domestic Light Boxes carry a two-year warranty against defects. Request a no-obligation quote for a Fluorescent or LED Light Box and receive a reply in one business day. Reseller pricing is available to qualified accounts, and volume discounts apply to orders of four or more units. If you would like to place a phone order or receive more information, please contact us at (877) 305-4911 or .