Fabric light boxes are ideal when you want to highlight the faint softness of an image. The process requires printing an image on fabric and inserting it into an aluminum frame. Using fabric allows light to shine through and create vibrant colors. There are LED light strips aligned on the back panel that sits behind that fabric giving the look of illumination. This will offer uniform brightness throughout the lightbox.

Fabric light boxes are advertising staples. They remain popular because of their need for little to no maintenance, are extremely durable, can last for decades without damage and the fabric piece can be easily removed and replaced if needed. The inside of the box has LED lighting that illuminates the entire box. Content is usually printed on the fabric, with a thin strip of silicone being sewn around the light box’s edges to hold it tight.

The graphics illuminate to display the quality content printed on the fabric when the lightbox is on.

It may seem expensive and glamorous, but any business can install a series of fabric lightboxes to advertise their products or services. Fabric light boxes highlight vibrant colors of content, stay illuminated at night, and catch the attention of passerbyers. The most common types of fabric light boxes are:

Frameless Fabric SEG Light Boxes

Frameless Light Boxes are not your traditional lightboxes, where a frame is used to snap the graphic into place. Achieving this frameless look requires sewing the graphic’s edges with a strip. This strip usually tucks into the channel of the light box profile.

Regardless of the size, you will get homogeneous LED lighting in every corner of your building. The profile design guarantees the dispersion of illumination evenly across the fabric graphic.

Non-Lit Frames

Non-Lit frames use a fabric print graphic with a strip of silicone. This strip tucks into the Fabric Light box channel for fast installation. The best part about Non-Lit frames is that they are made of aluminum, meaning that they are very light and durable.

Example Applications of Fabric Light Boxes

Booth Walls Of Trade Shows

If you plan on going to the show, you might decide to illuminate your booth with Fabric Light boxes. These will make your booth stand out from the rest.

Retail Signage

If you are a retailer, lighting up your graphics helps get your products to get proper attention. Illuminating your stands will catch passers’ eyes, making them stop and look.

Event Stage Backdrop

When hosting an event, light it up to ensure your message reaches event attendees. A well-illuminated event is one that the event attendees will remember for a long time.

Museums, Art Exhibits

Fabric SEG light boxes can be used in museums to create an exhibit as we can print any type of content (text or images). Our light boxes can be used for large format displays for immersive exhibits in museums, art galleries and more. We recently worked with the Willis Tower in Chicago, where we helped make an interactive display for them with over 80 custom light boxes.


What are the Important Things To Consider When Ordering Your Lightbox?


Graphic Prints

A big consideration when ordering a Fabric SEG light box, is what material your graphic is printed on. There are several options to choose from based on the intended environment. It is best practice to go with one supplier that sells both the light box and the graphic to ensure that the graphic will fit perfectly into the frame. Make sure to specify the intended environment when ordering the graphic (outdoor applications will require a stronger material, which a specific coat that makes it more weather resistant.)


Safety first, when it comes to light boxes, always be sure that the light box is UL listed so as to guarantee the product quality and durability over time. There should be a label showing a CSA or UL logo, with a certificate number on it. When a light box is certified with CSA or UL ir means it meets the safety requirements in the U.S. and Canada. These safety requirements include standard wiring, specific guidelines followed during assembly and only the use of certified parts.


For a bright, clear display ensure your light box is lit within its perimeter to offer an evenly lit look. Fabric SEG light boxes are mainly backlit rather than edge lit. This ensures that the whole graphic is harmoniously illuminated from the back, it simplifies the installation and it offers better brightness. We always recommend going for backlit light boxes when looking for a Fabric SEG display rather than edge lit light boxes.


You should know where you want the lightbox placed before making an order. Consider the area surrounding your light box, its visibility from your exterior’s shop, and proximity to power. You can decide to hang it on an interior wall, from a ceiling, leave it freestanding, or mount it stand.


Fabric SEG light boxes are mainly used to display a visual, or a campaign image(s). They allow for vibrant colors to display really nicely when printed on Fabric SEG, the fact that you can create immersive, large format displays that make an impact on the people who visit the store. In a retail setting, some passer byers even take selfies with these Fabric SEG light boxes when they show a celebrity / influencer in places like Sephora, or Morphe stores. Take a moment and think about the kind of information you want to prioritize; is it a sales advertisement or a new campaign on your brand? Ensure to concentrate on the message you want to put across. Always remember that for your message to cut through, less is better!


Ask yourself where you think placement for your lightbox accords it more attention to ensure it offers the best ROI. A retail space usually has four crucial marketing zones. Each of these zones suits the following type of messaging on a lightbox:

  • Walk by zone: Represents your brand and should be unique, focused on value, and with limited text, logo, or arresting imagery.
    Product display: You can use this to show your products’ benefits. Product displays can also communicate your USP (unique selling proposition).
  • Point of purchase: this mostly suits sales promotions or upsell communications
  • Transition zones: use these spaces to educate your clients on alternate products, services, or promotions they may be unaware of.

Need A Fabric Lightbox?

Fabric light boxes are a highly effective way of ensuring your graphic displays have maximum illumination for maximum impact. They are also sleek, energy-efficient, and a perfect substitute for traditional interior lighting systems.

At DSA Signage, we have engineered various solutions using Fabric light boxes for over four decades. Contact us now to start a conversation!