Drivers can get their cars washed from any one of your competitors – so how can you stand out from the competition? When a customer pulls up to your business, one of the first things they’ll want to see are your service offerings and prices. With a state of the art new digital menu board, you can take your car wash menu signs to the next level. Bright, easy to read, helpful information is what customers want to see.

A digital menu board allows your messaging to be consistent at all times. People tend to lean towards certain brands because of how it makes them feel. With that said, you want your customers to have the best experience and feel comfortable with your establishment. Being able to precisely target your customers with specific messaging provides you with an elevated ability to improve customer satisfaction and service.

How Does a Car Wash Digital Menu Work?

In the car wash industry, a menu is often the first point of contact for customers. You could have a basic printed poster board with your menu of options and prices. However, these can easily fade or become damaged from being out in the elements. Every time you adjust your prices or offer a new service, you’ll need to manually update all your signage. With a digital menu board you can easily update your service offerings, specials and price changes.

In contrast, a digital menu board illuminates your services and can help entice customers to choose add-ons or upgrades. Using a liquid-crystal (LCD) display, these digital boards are secured in waterproof encasing material. While a digital menu board has a higher upfront cost than static signage, it eliminates all future printing costs – you can update the display content whenever you need to, and it integrates with your POS system.


Benefits of Using Digital Car Wash Signs

Upgrading your signage doesn’t just improve the visual appeal of your business – it can be helpful for your bottom line. The benefits of using digital car wash signs include:

  • Flexibility: Your signage can be updated in real-time and can be managed remotely, giving you the option to offer special discounts or promotions or change branding as needed.
  • Customizable: At DSA Signage, our digital car wash menus are custom-built to order. You can design your sign to help communicate your brand identity with the right colors, fonts, and graphics.
  • Improved customer experience: Using a car wash digital menu board helps streamline the customer’s ordering experience, regardless of how many employees you have onsite on a given day. With clear, easy-to-read signage, customers can quickly get all the information they need to make an informed decision.
  • Increased sales: When a customer can see all their options at a glance, it’s easier to communicate special discounts or promotions – which can ultimately boost your sales.

At DSA signage, all our digital menu boards are manufactured in a UL-listed production facility to ensure safety and code compliance. If you have multiple business locations, you can purchase integrated media players for each sign to update all your content remotely.

You can also use multiple digital signs at your facility to further support your brand identity.  For example, the beginning and end of the car wash tunnel, and waiting areas, are great places to:

  • Promote social media accounts
  • Keep customers informed of new service offerings or price changes
  • Advertise specials or membership deals
  • Offer Rewards Programs
  • Give Holiday Greetings & customer appreciation messages

Choose DSA Signage to Help Market Your Car Wash

At DSA Signage, we have more than 45 years of experience developing signage systems for the automotive and car wash industry. In addition to car wash menu signs, we design LED light boxes and digital signage. Our products are made in California and backed by responsive customer care. DSA Signage draws on a cross-functional team of engineers, fabricators, and customer services experts to deliver tailored solutions for your business. Best of all, our products come with 24-month material and workmanship warranties. We’re here to help maximize the life span of your signage offerings and help with aftercare, support, and upgrades when the time comes. To learn more or request a quote or contact us today.