Businesses everywhere rely on a wide variety of advertisement types in order to thrive, but when it comes to effectively increasing your business’s revenue and brand exposure, business signage is the way to go.

With that being said, what is business signage, and how much does business signage cost? We’re here to answer all of your most pressing questions, and you can get an in-depth look at the costs behind business signage and how it can transform your company for the better in the following guide.

Defining Business Signage: Uses and Benefits of Sign Advertisements

Before you can understand the cost breakdown involved with business signage, you must know what counts as business signage in the first place.

What Is Business Signage?

Business signage is defined as any sign, light box, billboard, or other fixture that attempts to draw customers into a business. Its goal is always to promote brand exposure and effectively turn more heads, as successfully doing so means future customers and clients will remember your brand and choose you for their niche needs.

Common Examples of Business Signs and Symbols

There are many different ways to use business signage for the benefit of your company. You’ve probably seen billboards along the side of the road, for instance. These are designed with eye-catching messages and trendy symbols that are expressly meant to draw your attention toward a specific business.

Depending on the brand, you may see business signage adorned with large logos, graphic designs, and other symbols. Generally speaking, most business signs avoid using lots of text, as it can force customers to slow down and become distracted, which is dangerous when on the road. Using easy-to-understand symbols, on the other hand, allows busy bypassers to quickly retain the message that the sign is trying to convey.

How Your Brand Benefits From Custom Signage

Whether you’re selling products, services, or a combination of the two, your business can undoubtedly benefit from added signage. Brand exposure is key to attracting and retaining customers and clients, and the more signage you use, the more people will wind up intrigued by what you have to offer.

You can’t build a successful enterprise without getting your business’s name out there first, and that’s exactly what our high-quality, custom business signage is designed to do.

How Much Does Business Signage Cost?

If you’re considering custom business signage for your company, chances are likely that you’re already wondering, “How much does business signage cost?” After all, there are numbers to crunch and goals to reach within your business.

With that said, business signage pricing depends on a few different factors, detailed below:

Sign Size

The size of the sign you choose to display plays a large role in determining its final cost: the larger the signage, the higher the price will be.

When we manufacture larger business signs, we, in turn, need to use more materials and employ more staff to carry out the process, but the trade-off is well worth it: Your custom signage will garner a lot more attention when it’s large and easy to read.

Type of Sign: Light Boxes, Digital Signage, and More

We offer modern, high-quality signs that get your brand’s name out there and attract returning customers, and though you may not know it, there are several different types of business signs.

LED light boxes are stunning to look at and easy to read, and almost any industry can benefit from using them for marketing purposes and to advertise their goods and services. With energy-efficient LEDs, our custom light boxes make for the perfect eye-catching business signage.

Digital signage is just as important, especially in today’s world, as everyone relies on screens to complete their daily tasks and gather information. With that said, our digital signage options are sleek, modern, and user-friendly (if you choose for them to be interactive), and they’ll work to make your and your customers’ lives easier. From interactive displays to video walls, the sky’s the limit with our custom digital business signage.


Materials and Manufacturing 

Our signage prices vary depending on the materials we use to manufacture them. Some signs require heavy-duty, expensive materials, whereas others are cost-effective and easy to manufacture. We take care of all of the logistics on our end, ensuring you’ll never pay an exorbitant amount for basic signage.

Installation Costs

All signs are unique, which means their installation costs will vary depending on how complex the process needs to be. Placing business signage in high-traffic, public places or onto precarious positions outdoors will likely increase installation costs.

Special Features: Electrical Lighting and Custom Designs

Sometimes, our clients will ask for unique, custom-made business signage that includes special features that can boost the sign’s visual appeal, making it more effective at drawing in customers. Because special features require a bit more work on the manufacturing end, the prices of the sign in question might change.

Benefits of Custom Business Signage

There are numerous benefits to using our high-quality custom signage for your business. From increased brand exposure to positive associations with your company, the benefits seem endless.

Here’s what else you can gain from using our signage to boost your company’s exposure:

You Reach New Customer Populations 

If you place signage in different locations, you can attract entirely new populations of paying customers and clients. Instead of relying on word of mouth or local promotions, try gathering new streams of revenue by placing business signage in various locations.

You Create Positive Associations With Your Brand

When potential customers see a memorable, appealing sign, they’re more likely to provide you with their business in the future. Research has shown that business signage is one of the most effective ways to circulate your brand’s reputation in positive ways. You want potential customers to draw connections between positive emotions and your brand, and that’s always our goal when creating custom signage.

You Solidify Your Brand’s Identity

The last thing any business wants is to send confusing, contradictory messages about their brand’s identity. Business signage allows you to send clear, direct, appealing messages about your brand’s target audience and strengths. Our custom signage gives your business purpose and identity, both of which are key elements in increased profits.

Work With DSA Signage to Promote Your Business

There are a lot of variables that go into business signage, especially with all of the nuanced and custom elements that go along with each industry. It’s always best to speak with an experienced account manager that can help you find the right option for your vision and budget.

Over the years, DSA Signage has been curating the best business signage on the market, so contact us to get started with your own quality custom signage today!