These days, digital signage is everywhere. You’ve probably noticed it at retail stores, restaurants, and even public transportation. While digital signage used to be limited to high-traffic areas like Times Square and airports, more businesses are seeing the value it can add and are beginning to implement it in their marketing strategies.

If you’re considering investing in digital signage for business, it’s helpful to understand how it can benefit your company.

It’s a Cheaper Alternative than in the Past

Remember when flat-screen TVs came out but were extremely expensive to purchase? That used to be true for digital signage as well. In the past, digital signage systems were costly, and they required lots of technical know-how to implement and maintain. They also didn’t always work as intended.

But today’s digital signage systems are cheaper than ever before. The cost to manufacture the screen is reasonable, and companies are passing down the savings to customers. Modern digital signage is also simple enough for most business owners to implement. You don’t need a software engineer to hang up your digital sign or manage its content. Instead, businesses can handle it themselves with built-in templates or using a content management service provider.

Provide Real-Time Information

In the retail business, companies regularly have to change their signage. Whether they have short-term promotions or simply want to adjust their advertisements for a change in the season, adjusting signage is a normal process. However, doing so with traditional print options (like posters, banners, and billboards) isn’t always easy.

Depending on the type of signage your business has, you may need several employees to handle the process. Signs can be heavy, and ensuring they’re taken down and replaced quickly is cumbersome.

On the other hand, it’s far more efficient to adopt digital signage for small businesses, allowing you to update your promotions when needed without all the headaches (and pulled muscles) that come with constantly moving heavy physical signs.

Retailers can also implement a content management system into their digital signage, allowing them to create high-performing ads that attract foot traffic quickly and efficiently.

Boost Your Customer Engagement

Digital signage can be used by local businesses to corporate companies, all can benefit from digital signage as an excellent way to enhance customer engagement. For instance, you can set up your digital signs to interact directly with your clientele through a touchscreen, self-service digital menu, or an easy way for clients to view your available promotions.

Don’t think of your digital signs in the same way that you would traditional advertisements. Instead, it’s best to think of them as full-fledged computers that can display what you want at precisely the time you need.


Increase Your Revenues Through Evolving Content

Is digital signage a good business marketing strategy? When used correctly, digital signage can increase your company’s revenue.

While advertising a flash sale or a specific discount on a popular product is a benefit of digital signage, there are other advantages. For instance, a home goods store might use its digital signs to showcase the perks of the newest high-end latte maker. An automobile dealer might show off their extended warranty plan or the top cars on their lot that save on gas mileage.

Create a New Revenue Stream

A unique way that companies can benefit from digital signage is by granting advertising space to other businesses. For instance, if you own a fast food chain, or an eye doctor’s office you might offer space on your digital sign for a new business to advertise or a partnership you are featuring.The concept is simple – you advertise their products and services on your screens, and they compensate you for the exposure. This is a great way to collaborate with other businesses to grow local foot traffic and brand awareness in general.

Change Your Signage Immediately

Perhaps you own a larger store and need to update your customers on a problem immediately. Sure, you could jump on the loudspeaker and notify them, but chances are they might not be paying attention.

Using your digital signage is another option. You can update most digital signs very quickly, notifying your clients of something they need to be aware of almost immediately.

Quick updates are also beneficial in the restaurant industry. For instance, if you run out of the food you need to make a specific dish, you simply remove it from your menu. Customers won’t realize it was once available, and your staff won’t need to explain to every client who asks why they can’t purchase a meal, drink, or other items.

Find Out More About Digital Signage

So is digital signage a good business strategy for you? It’s likely that implementing it on some level will bring great returns for your marketing dollars. Especially as it becomes more affordable, digital signage for businesses is a valuable tool for companies seeking to promote their newest offerings or current sales.

If you want to learn how digital signs can benefit your company, contact DSA Signage. We can help you pick the right signage system to increase your revenue and open the door to new business opportunities.