Illumination of Stained Glass in Private Residence by DSA Signage

 Illumination of Stained Glass in Private Residence, with two 34″ x 78″ LED Light Panels.

LED Light Panels

Our LED Light Panels are well suited as an backlit illuminator of materials such as stone, glass and acrylic panels.

Only 1/2″ deep, the LED Light Panel can be mounted on the wall or hanging to provide bright, evenly distributed back lighting. Available in sizes as small as 8″ x 8″ up to a visually stunning 72″ x 120″, the LED Light Panel can be made in an almost infinite variety of sizes.

Made to order in our California-based manufacturing facility, our LED Panel is UL listed with energy-efficient LEDs rated up to 100,000 hours of use. Each panel carries a two year warranty.
Lighting options include 3200 warm white, 4200 neutral white or 6500K daylight color temperatures, high or ultra high output illumination and a dimming switch. LED Light Panels can also be used as an architectural lighting source and are easily built into store fixtures or existing construction.
DSA is offering two versions for the LED light panel: wall or ceiling mounted. Whether you are decorating your private residence, upgrading your Church signs or designing your retail location – we got you covered with a team of in-house experts, ready to answer all your questions!

Request a no obligation quote for an LED Light Panel or any of our products and our team will get back to you within 1-2 business days with all the additional information you might need. If you would like more information about backlit illumination and LED light panels, you can also give us a call: 866-868-1602.
Reseller pricing is available to qualified accounts and volume discounts apply to orders of four or more units.