Fused glass artwork by Washington Glass Studio, illuminated by DSA LED Light Panels

What Applications for LED Light Panels?

DSA offers edge-lit LED light panels that can be used as an energy-saving, indirect lighting source for accent lighting, backlighting, or architectural lighting.  Our LED light panels are extremely versatile, and custom manufacturing allows us to produce panels in sizes as small as 8″x8″ and as large as 72″x120″.  The light panel is LED edge-lit, with a grid pattern that softly and evenly diffuses the light across the face of the panel.

Our customers have used LED light panels to illuminate POP graphics and as architectural lighting in design build-outs ranging from restaurants to retail stores and other environments, including office spaces.  All of our LED light panels are UL-listed, ensuring compliance with electrical safety regulations.  The LEDs are rated up to 100,000 hours, 40% longer than other panels on the market.  Our domestic, California-based manufacturing facility produces light panels to order, typically ready to ship within 3 to 5 business days.

LED Light Panel Product Feature:

Light panels are available with either 4100 warm white or 6000K daylight color temperatures and high or ultra-high output.  A dimmable Justin driver power supply is also available; the standard power supply included with each light panel can be either a wall plug or hard-wired.  The strong yet lightweight aluminum frame is available in a standard silver finish, and custom finishes are available. Request a quote for LED light panels here. Please feel free to contact us at (877) 305-4911 or at  if you have any questions about LED light panels or any of our other products.