DSA Signage Standard Slim Line Light Boxes displaying Lenticular Art Installation in Westport, Connecticut train station

DSA Standard Slim Line Light Boxes displaying Lenticular Art Installation in Westport, Connecticut train station, “Picture Perfect: Westport Postcards Now and Then”, artist Miggs Burroughs.

Illuminated Art Installation

DSA Light Boxes were selected for a lenticular art installation by local artist Miggs Burroughs in a Westport, Connecticut, train station. As conceived by Helen During, this installation is a cooperative venture of the Westport Arts Center and the Police Department in Westport and features lenticular images of historic local postcard scenes and their modern counterparts as photographed by the artist. The light boxes are situated in a renovated tunnel of the Metro-North Westport station. Lenticular images shift from one image to another in a transformative effect as the viewing angle changes. He is known for his design work and art, including magazine covers, logos, posters, photography, and lenticular imagery.

Miggs Burroughs has lived in Westport for 65 years. His artistic influence is inextricably linked to Westport’s identity, having designed the town flag, school district logo, and another lenticular light box art installation in a downtown public walkway entitled “Tunnel Vision”. His latest art installation, “Picture Perfect: Westport Postcards Now and Then”, shows historic Westport images from the early 1900s juxtaposed with modern photographs of the same scenes. Each lenticular image measures 42″ wide by 26″ high. The project is a series of 16 light boxes, each of which is installed as funds are raised through private sponsorship, with six light boxes funded to date.

Backlit LED Light Boxes

The images are displayed in DSA’s Standard Slim Line Light Box, used with backlit LED strips in an anodized silver finish. Although covered, the pedestrian tunnel is not heated. It is subject to wind and extreme temperature fluctuations as the seasons change, an environment where DSA’s high-quality construction and solid, extruded aluminum frame protect the artwork from the elements. Additional specifications:

  • Available in graphic sizes from 10″ x 10″ up to 48″ x 72″
  • Slim 2.75″ ADA-compliant depth
  • Narrow face frame, 9/16″
  • Slide access to change graphics
  • Silver finish standard, custom finishes available
  • Fluorescent or LED lighting
  • UL-listed for safety and code compliance
  • Two-year warranty against defects
  • Made in the USA

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