In today’s society, many retailers lean into tech-centric marketing strategies like social media advertising and pay-per-click campaigns, and though the efficacy of these approaches is undeniable, retail signage still represents a powerful way of connecting with your target audience.

According to recent data, 76% of shoppers visited a store after viewing signage, a substantial statistic that shows how investing in outdoor retail signage is a worthwhile endeavor.

With that in mind, we created the following definitive guide to outdoor retail signage, including some real-world examples and a rundown of the benefits you can tap into by using a few well-placed signs.

What Is Outdoor Retail Signage?

Outdoor retail signage is an external visual communication tool used to convey messages to your target audience. Whether it’s a luminous neon sign that advertises your brand name and logo, a promotional banner announcing a sale, or even directional signage guiding customers to your parking lot, outdoor signage is the first touchpoint for many of a retail establishment’s potential customers.

You can consider outdoor retail signage to be your opportunity to set a lasting first impression. If you start things off on the right foot, passersby may very well enter your store or at least do some brand research, but if your signage is uninspired (or flat-out non-existent) it will get lost in the sea of advertisements that consumers are shown each day.

Examples of Outdoor Retail Signage

Though outdoor retail signage can take many forms, some of the most common examples of the medium are as follows:

  • Monument Signs: Standalone signs often positioned at the entrance of a shopping plaza or mall, showcasing the names of businesses within
  • Letters: Individual illuminated letters that can showcase your brand name in big, bold fonts
  • Banners and Flags: Usually made of durable fabric or vinyl; perfect for advertising sales, promotions, or special events
  • Window Graphics: Assets that use your front window space to use and catch the eye of the general public
  • Billboards: Staples of outdoor retail signage, billboards remain an effective tool for communicating with potential customers
  • Pylon Signs: Often positioned along highways; showcase multiple promotions or businesses, guiding potential customers to your retail location

Outdoor retail signage can further be divided into one of two broad categories: digital or static. Static signs include traditional window graphics, billboards, and monument signs. While they are eye-catching, you can’t easily change or alter them.

On the other hand, digital signage provides the flexibility to easily change or update information as needed. You can also present customers with dynamic imagery that captivates and intrigues them.


Cost of Outdoor Retail Signage

The cost spectrum of outdoor retail signage is broad, but some factors that will impact the cost of your retail signage include the following:

  • Size
  • Materials used
  • Design complexity
  • Installation process
  • Illumination/wiring
  • Type of signage

For instance, simple window graphics or banners tend to be very cost-effective, whereas custom-lit letters or large pylon signs tend to be much pricier. Nevertheless, it’s important to make sure that you look past the initial price tag, as outdoor retail signage is an investment, not an expense.

In addition, consider the short and long-term value of signage. For example, let’s say your business is running a huge winter sale, and you want to create some custom signage. Ordering window graphics and banners specific to the one-time sale will likely entail the lowest upfront costs.

On the other hand, even though investing in digital signage will be more costly on the front end, you can easily update your displays after the sale is over and derive long-term value from your new tech.

Benefits of Outdoor Retail Signage

Outdoor retail signage provides some undeniable benefits for your business. By implementing retail signage, you can accomplish the following:

  • Leave a Great First Impression: Your outdoor signage is the first thing a potential customer sees; a well-designed and strategically placed sign can create a positive first impression
    Boost Brand Visibility: Get noticed with clear and attractive signage that makes your business easy to spot from a distance
  • Advertise 24/7: Your outdoor signage stays visible around the clock, providing 24/7 advertising to any potential customers who may walk or drive by
  • Provide Directional Guidance: Guiding customers to parking or specific sections of your store can enhance their shopping experience
  • Stay Versatile: Digital signage allows you to effortlessly update promotions, showcase your latest events, and keep customers flocking to your business

Outdoor retail signage is more than just a nameplate for your business; it represents the combination of a powerful marketing tool, guide for customers, and brand ambassador all rolled into one.

For medium to large retail businesses, investing in impactful outdoor signage can transform general onlookers into customers, but even then, outdoor digital signage isn’t just for big businesses. If you manage a small to mid-market brand, upgrading your signage will differentiate you from the competition and help you expand your reach among your target audience.

The bottom line is as such: Businesses of all sizes can benefit from outdoor retail signage, which means there’s nothing for you to be waiting for.

Ready to Implement Outdoor Retail Signage? We Can Help

When you are trying to grab the attention of your target audience and stand out in the ever-crowded retail space, having the right signage can make a world of difference. The strategic use of retail signage can help you cut costs, draw in more foot traffic, and boost revenue.

While static signage certainly has its place in your advertising strategy, going digital is often the more scalable solution. High-quality digital signage and powerful LED lighting ensure your message stands out in the retail ecosystem while also providing long-term advertising flexibility.

At DSA Signage, we specialize in providing our clients with high-quality custom signage that aligns with their brand goals and marketing needs. From LED boxes to kiosks and outdoor-rated digital signs, we have the solutions to brighten your brand. Contact us today for a custom quote.