Your retail establishment likely has some form of business signage on its windows, given that it serves as one of the best means of letting potential customers know that your business is there and ready to serve them.

However, many retail stores don’t take full advantage of their window signage, and we’re here to help with that. Below, you can find out how you can make the most of your retail signage so you can attract and retain shoppers, both new and old.

What Is Retail Window Signage? Everything You Need to Know

Retail window signage includes sales and advertisements, open and closed signs,and any other visual marketing placed in the windows of your store. These signs let viewers know why they should come shop at your business and what they can gain from doing so.

Many retailers choose window signage because it’s affordable, effective, and easy to install. It also works best for direct and local advertisements, as other types of signage can involve complex installation and longer manufacturing times.

Giving Customers a View Into Your Establishment

If a potential customer is walking down the street and passes by your store, they may not necessarily know what’s inside. They also won’t know how it can benefit them to purchase your products in particular.

Retail window signage changes all of that, giving passersby the chance to look into your business in a metaphorical sense. They can learn about your latest discounts, offers, and cool new products that they may need in their lives.

Different Types of Retail Window Signage and How to Use Them

There are many different forms and usage cases that retail signage can take and apply to. For example, you may use an open-and-closed sign to easily communicate when your shop is ready for business. On the other hand, vinyl decals exclaiming the latest shop discount serve a different purpose.

Knowing the different types of retail signage can help you make the most out of your business’s visual marketing.

Digital Window Displays

Whether you opt for interactive, decorative, or persuasive digital window displays, understand that you’ll be attracting many more potential customers by doing so. Digital displays are crucial for keeping retailers in the modern technological rat race.

Everyone and everything competes for customers’ attention these days, so by displaying digital signage in your shop’s front window, you’re giving potential customers something to pause and take in, and interactive digital displays just make that even more engaging.

Vinyl Decals

An effective, albeit less modern, option for retail window signage is the use of vinyl decals to get a message across. Many small retailers will still use vinyl decals to promote brand awareness through logos, symbolism, and unique catchphrases.

Since vinyl decals have to be manually applied and removed, they may not fit with your business’s goals, but if digital signage is too costly or inauthentic to your brand, vinyl decals will serve a similar purpose for much less.

Menu Boards

If your retail establishment has menu offerings, then menu boards can be an excellent choice for window signage. It will ultimately depend on the location and nature of your business, but many passing potential customers may be drawn in by appealing menu options.


How Curating Good Retail Window Signage Can Benefit Your Business

Making the most of retail window signage can result in immense returns for your business.

Here are some more noteworthy benefits of using retail signage to promote and idealize your brand:

Increased Brand Exposure

The more your window signage succeeds in capturing the eyes of window shoppers, the more exposure your brand gets. That applies to many businesses, but it is especially true for retailers, given how online marketing is taking over many industries, so use retail window signage to get more eyes on your business and linger in customers’ minds.

Promotional Advantages: Discounts, Sales, and Rewards for Customers

Every retailer runs promotions of some kind, and whether they take the form of store-wide discounts or a customer loyalty and rewards program, your store’s promotions matter.

You can spread the word about generous discounts and sales using retail window signage that grabs new customers’ attention, but it’s also beneficial for returning customers, as placing discount and sale information in your shop window tells loyal buyers that something great once again awaits them inside.

Solid Brand Identity

The messages and symbols displayed on retail signage contribute to your brand’s identity, which leaves a lasting impression in the minds of customers, both existing and yet-to-come. Therefore, in order to solidify your brand’s identity, you must have consistent, engaging messaging on your retail window signage.

Once your brand identity and reputation are consistent, customers will keep coming back for more, which also helps with word-of-mouth recommendations.

Tips for Creating Effective Retail Window Signs

Curating high-quality, effective retail window signage isn’t always intuitive, so follow these tips to make the most of your window signage and allow your retail shop to flourish:

Keep Messages Short and Sweet

Don’t overload your retail window signage with text, as it will only serve to distract viewers from the important messages you’re trying to convey. Instead, use succinct statements that get your point across without requiring too much reading time.

Use Relevant Symbols and Graphics

Images are just as important as words in marketing and advertising. You can match the symbols and graphics in your storefront with your brand’s identity and core values. For example, if you run a beachside gift shop, you could plaster mermaids, sea shells, and beach landscapes onto your windows.

Choose the Best Company for Custom Retail Signage

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Design Your Retail Window Signs With DSA Signage

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