Few advertising tools are more effective at showcasing posters and other graphic materials than light boxes. This technology uses backlit LED lighting to capture color and design in more eye-catching detail. Businesses that wish to use LED light boxes for their marketing efforts have two primary options — SEG fabric and snap frame. Learn more about these light boxes to determine which is better for your needs.

What Are SEG Fabric Light Boxes?

SEG is short for Silicone Edge Graphics. These light boxes feature a backlit fabric that undergoes a unique dye-sublimation process. They also contain a thin silicone piece that fits into grooves along the edges of the frame. This technique creates a neat, frameless look. SEG fabric light boxes are a common application for fashion advertising in retail stores. The main difference between SEG Fabric Light boxes and Snap Frame light boxes is the material the content is printed on. SEG Fabric light boxes have a fabric material that is designed to be semi-transparent so that the light can shine and highlight the vibrant colors.

Advantages of SEG Fabric Light Boxes

Since SEG fabric light boxes give graphics a sleek and stylish appearance, businesses across many industries rely on them for print advertising, from retail chains to organizations hosting trade shows. Other benefits of these light boxes include:


If you need to change the image inside an SEG fabric light box, simply remove the silicone strip from around the perimeter of the frame, swap out the graphic, and insert a new piece of silicone. The entire process is quick and requires little technical prowess.


Due to the graphic being printed using dye sublimation, the colors are extremely vibrant and precisely calibrated. The absence of a protective glass or acrylic sheet reduces the glare that sunlight or external lighting creates when reflecting on this type of surface. Fabric SEG light boxes can be made to order in any custom format, including very large formats, making for great immersive displays.


The fabric framing system of these light boxes is easy to customize to meet your specific needs. Additionally, SEG fabric light boxes come in different styles to accommodate various uses. Some have single or double-sided frames, while others are designed for mounting to walls or hanging from ceilings.


While highly durable, the fabric used for these light boxes is also lightweight. This design makes them easier to maneuver when rearranging graphics or moving posters into different boxes, especially when dealing with large signage.

What Are Snap Frame Light Boxes?

As the name suggests, these light boxes have frames that snap open for switching out images. While still very intuitive, these frames are slightly more complicated to manipulate than fabric light boxes. If you plan on using a snap frame light box, be sure you are careful when replacing posters to avoid damaging the graphic. Once you situate the image, hang it prominently to impress customers. Snap frame light boxes are made with a backlit film that is specifically designed to be semi-transparent so that the light can shine through and highlight the vibrant colors.

Advantages of Snap Frame Light Boxes

Snap frame light boxes share some benefits with their SEG fabric counterparts, such as customizable framing systems and easy access when transitioning between graphics. However, they also provide the following other advantages:


Most frames on these light boxes are fabricated with sturdy aluminum, making them exceptionally durable. Users can trust that snap frame light boxes will last for many years.

Thin Construction

Innovation has made the most-updated snap frame light boxes a thinner design and more attractive appearance. Now, many models lie almost completely flat against a wall or other mounting location. This simple feature helps you create a neater and more visually-appealing look at your business.

Graphic Protection

We use a piece of transparent acrylic or polycarbonate that is inserted within the snap frame, on top of the backlit film to protect it. It helps prevent weather damage or vandalism, to ensure that the content is protected. Snap frames light boxes can be used indoor or outdoor, and will be weather proofed.

Discover the Benefits of Light Boxes with DSA Signage

If you need a light box to augment print advertising at your company, turn to DSA Signage for solutions. Our made-to-order light boxes come in backlit and edge lit styles, which feature heavy-duty yet lightweight aluminum frames and long-lasting, energy-efficient LED lights. Clients may also request custom designs tailored to their distinct signage needs.

DSA Signage boasts a diverse team of engineers, fabricators, and customer service representatives with decades of proven experience creating next-generation signage systems. Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of light boxes and our products.