Hand holding a green eco friendly lightbulb

Are LED Light Boxes Sustainable?

With the continued demand for more energy efficient and environmentally friendly solutions, sustainability has become an important trend when choosing products for retail, healthcare, and other commercial applications.

With the development of LED technology, advertising display products are better able to meet these demands more than ever.  When compared with other traditional light sources such as fluorescent and incandescent, LED consumes about 40% less power, making it extremely energy efficient. In addition, it lasts anywhere from 50,000 to 100,000 hours – eliminating the need to replace lamps that can be harmful to the environment because of their mercury content.

LED’s contain no mercury, making them an environmentally friendly choice. All of these characteristics make LED technology a popular solution for sustainable projects.

The really great thing about LED’s is that there is no sacrificing light quality for sustainability. This technology creates bright, white, uniform illumination making it the ideal choice to promote your product or service through eye-catching graphics.You can choose from a variety of sizes, shapes and profiles based on your specific needs. Next time, use an LED light box to promote your business, and you’ll help improve your bottom line while also helping the planet!