According to Toast, 31% of restaurant owners update their menus each month, and 24% do so on a seasonal basis. Based on that data, it can be said that over half of restaurateurs update their restaurant menu boards four times per year or more.

If you own a restaurant, digital menu boards can help you do the same, keeping your menu fresh, relevant, and interesting. Going digital can also transform your static menu board into an eye-catching asset that drives sales and boosts customer engagement.

With that all in mind, below is everything you need to know about the versatile business tools that are digital menu boards for restaurants.

What Is a Digital Menu Board for Restaurants?

Digital menu boards for restaurants showcase an establishment’s menu offerings on a screen that is dynamic, interactive, and adaptable in real-time. With visuals becoming more potent in influencing decisions, a well-crafted digital menu can enhance the customer experience and boost sales.

Most fast-food franchises use digital menu boards both inside their establishments and along their drive-through lanes, and it is a trend that is catching on among regional franchises and privately owned establishments. As such, to keep pace, you’ll need to adopt the concept as well.

Tips for Building Digital Menu Boards for Restaurants

Building digital menu boards for restaurants may sound as easy as creating a digital version of your menu and slapping it on a TV screen, but that’s not quite the case. Creating an effective digital menu board for your establishment is trickier than you might expect, especially if you want a dynamic menu that is easy to change and engaging.

Nevertheless, by following these tips, you’ll be on your way to creating a compelling display:

Find the Right Digital Signage Software

The heart of an excellent digital menu board is the software behind it. Look for a program or application that is user-friendly, offers customizable templates, and allows for real-time updates. You shouldn’t need to be an IT master just to update your menu.

Ideally, your software should also let you automatically schedule menu transitions. For instance, you could set your signage to switch from your breakfast offerings to the lunch menu at 11:00 a.m. Automating menu transitions will reduce the burden on your staff and ensure that patrons are viewing the currently appropriate menu.

Create the On-Screen Content

Once you’ve chosen the right hardware and software, it’s time to create the content that will appear on-screen.

Follow the basic rules of good menu design, using high-resolution images and keeping the design clean and easy to read. Remember, the goal is to showcase your dishes in the most appetizing way, so balance text with visuals and avoid overcrowding the screen. If you are pressed for space, only include photos of your hottest menu items.

Set It Up in the Right Location

The position of your digital menu board is just as crucial as the information it displays. It should be at eye level and in a place where it captures the most footfall, such as near the entrance or counter. Make sure it’s large enough to be read from a distance so patrons can browse the menu while they wait in line.

Positioning is equally critical for any outdoor menu boards you may set up. If you already have a drive-through menu in place, digital signage can take the place of the existing boards, but you should still take the time to reevaluate your menu board’s positioning and angle to ensure it optimizes the drive-through customer experience.

Take Advantage of the Many Options of Digital Menu Boards

Digital menu boards give you the freedom to diversify your menu and showcase your products in new and exciting ways, so make sure you are putting that versatility to use.

You can create holiday and seasonal specialty menu items quickly and easily, and offering unique items will differentiate you from the competition and help generate extra sales.


Benefits of Digital Menu Boards

Making the switch to digital menu boards can seem like a big investment, and though that is true, the benefits of digital menu boards for restaurants make doing so worth every penny.

Once you go digital, you can do all of the following:

  • Publish Dynamic Updates: You’ll no longer have to reprint menus to make small changes; easily update menu items and prices using your signage software
  • Maximize the Visual Appeal of Your Menu: Bright, vivid visuals can influence consumer choices and boost their appetite, leading to higher-average order ticket sizes
  • Cut Costs: You’ll save on printing costs once you ditch static menus
  • Engage Your Audience: While customers wait, your digital menu board can entertain them with trivia or fun facts

The benefits of digital menu boards for restaurants are undeniable, but it’s important to consider a few menu board alternatives in case going digital simply isn’t in your budget.

Digital Menu Board Alternatives

If a digital menu board is too costly, or if the setup process is a bit too complicated, there are still alternatives, like LED light boxes, which can illuminate your existing menu boards and thus make them more visible and easier to read.

Other benefits of LED light boxes include their:

  • Easy installation
  • Low cost
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Long service life

While nothing compares to the versatility of a restaurant digital menu board, LED light boxes are certainly a good option. You can simply overhaul your existing menu boards by installing a few well-positioned LED light boxes.

Ready to Create Your Restaurant Menu Boards? We Can Help

Investing in a restaurant digital menu board is a great way of streamlining the patron experience and taking the hassle out of updating your menu. Digital menu boards for restaurants also allow you to adjust prices as your back-end costs change and keep your food offerings relevant.

At DSA Signage, we provide static and digital menu boards for restaurants. Our user-friendly, high-quality menu boards are easy to install, maintain, and customize.

Get a custom quote on LED light boxes and digital menu boards for restaurants by contacting DSA Signage today.