Digital Signage Solutions

Are you thinking about implementing a digital strategy? Get up and running in no time with a turnkey digital solution from DSA. Our turnkey solutions are an ideal way to implement digital signage in your business requiring minimal setup time and investment. Our digital signage packages can be used for advertising, visual merchandising, branding, or as information centers to enhance a customer’s experience. Each turnkey digital solution includes a Commercial-grade Display, Media Player, Wall Mount, HDMI Cable, SD Card, and easy to use authoring software that allows you to create content for your new sign.

Options for your Digital Signs

Our turnkey digital packages are fully customizable with the option to upgrade any component of the package. Whether you want a screen in a particular size, multiple screens, a media player with WiFi or HTML5 functionality, or different type of mount, we can put together a custom package to meet your specifications. Our turnkey digital solutions are also scalable. Put any number of additional digital signs on your network and bring unprecedented power to your marketing dollars today.

Our turnkey digital solutions also come in four standard packages based on the display size. The crisp, commercial-grade displays are available in 32″, 42″, 47″, and 55″ bundles.

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