You’ve likely seen brand signage everywhere throughout your life: From billboards to television advertisements, these symbolic displays of brand values are everywhere in our world.

Still, what is signage, and how can it transform your company and draw in new clients? We’re here to help cover the basics so you can implement such messaging into your business model.

How Signage Instantly Engages Viewers

When you’re trying to increase brand visibility and awareness, signage is a valuable tool, as it is the simplest, most efficient way to communicate messages to a broad audience. Signage also benefits companies of all kinds through smooth environmental navigation and customer engagement.

What Is Signage?

At its core, signage is defined as anything that conveys an idea, symbol, concept, or message to an audience through visual displays. Its primary focus is to attract customers, clients, and simply curious people to your ideas.

We often think of signs as advertisements, but they serve different purposes throughout our world. Road signs, for instance, are an integral part of every driver’s life, as without them, they wouldn’t know how to navigate the streets.

As such, signs and other communicative displays have the ability to influence and transform the average person’s life. We rely on symbols and messages for just about everything, which is why adequate signage is so important for your brand.

The Signs We See: Different Types of Signage

Living in the modern world means navigating thousands of signs with different messages and symbols each day, so in order to fully understand the answer to the question, “What is signage?” We have to first look at where we often see signs in our daily lives.

LED Light Boxes

LED light boxes attract attention to your company’s signs immediately. You’ve probably seen construction signs that flash LEDs to let drivers know where to go, but they are also useful for brand marketing and customer appeal.

Depending on their use, LED light boxes can offer substantial benefits for your company. A bright box with enticing graphics entices people to look at what you’re attempting to communicate to them. When it comes to brand visibility and customer enticement, LED light boxes get the job done in style.

Menu Boards

People love having options, and menu boards appeal to that natural aspect of the human psyche. No matter where yours is displayed, you can trust that people will look through the different options it offers out of curiosity. Once you have their attention, you can put your brand’s products and services at the forefront of their minds.

No matter what your products and services involve, we can draw customers to your brand using durable, visually pleasing, illuminated menu boards. We use the best design strategies to make them attractive, easy to read, and appealing to customers.


Digital Signage

With digital signage, there are endless options and plenty of flexibility for different design concepts. We can incorporate everything you want customers and clients to know about your company, all while keeping your digital messaging succinct and attractive.

Examples of digital signage include kiosks, digital directories, and menus, all of which can significantly boost brand awareness and customer convenience and thus ingrain your company into your customers’ minds as a positive symbol.

Directional Signage

Directional signage is necessary to guide residents, drivers, and visitors throughout various spaces. One common form of directional signage, as we mentioned above, is road signs. When you see them, you immediately know where to go and what to do in certain conditions. As experienced leaders in design and functionality, we know what it takes to make directional signs effective and easy to comprehend.

Informational Signage

Informational content is everywhere, from billboards and magazines to social media and virtually every other website out there. Fortunately, informational signage also engages clients and customers who are curious about your company, and no matter what background knowledge they have on your business and projects, people can always stand to learn something new from informational signage.

Some examples of informational signage include legal postings in workplaces and posted instructions for employees, customers, and clients. Knowledge is power, and informational signage harnesses that power to help your company with whatever it needs to accomplish.

Signage for Functionality and Safety

Signage is about more than just marketing and brand awareness: It’s about communicating important information, which can include safety hazards, sanitation procedures, and other internal protocols.

Since signs are efficient and effective at spreading messages with not much more than a quick glance, we encourage companies to implement them everywhere. No matter what area of business you’re operating within, you can benefit from increased symbolism and messaging.

Your employees and close associates will need to navigate internal procedures, and signs cut down on the time and stress associated with them. You can easily set everyone up for success using symbols and direct language.

High-Quality Branding Through DSA Signage

DSA Signage stands out among the crowd with our fantastic team of engineers, designers, and other professionals, all ready to make your brand’s goals come to life. You can achieve great success with our different sign and display options.

Experts in Manufacturing

Our manufacturing experience and expertise ensure that each product we produce is perfect, no matter what. We know what it takes to make signs durable, high-quality, and visually appealing to customers and clients, and we understand that your company, no matter its size, needs broad outreach. We’re here to help you with all of it.

Creativity and Progress

As we curate the perfect signage for brands and businesses, we continue to innovate and use the latest technologies available to perfect the process. From automation and robotics to the use of premium materials, you can trust you’re getting the best of the best in marketing tools from DSA Signage.

Spread Your Company’s Messages With DSA Signage

No matter what your signage needs are, we have you covered. Inquire about our design and marketing products today!