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We custom manufacture high-quality, UL-Listed LED visual display products that stand the test of time.

Our Solutions

Light Boxes

Our light boxes are custom designed to elevate the look and feel of your brand, and precisely calibrated to showcase your graphics in the most flattering, even tones. Each one is fabricated from extruded aluminum to last for years, and UL certified to ensure your safety. See which light box solution is right for your project.


Menu Boards

We design, engineer, and build our illuminated and digital indoor and drive thru menu boards so they are easy to see from anywhere, and simple to update on the fly. They require little to no maintenance, even while enduring the harshest conditions under 24/7 usage. Browse our menu boards then reach out to get started.

Digital Signage

We fabricate beautiful digital display systems to modernize your spaces by enlivening your visitors’ time through interactivity. Our work helps you deliver personalized experiences that will entice your customers to spend more time with your brand or exhibit, and increase your sales and engagement. Learn how we’re integrating digital technology into our signage.


Our in-house experts are ready to design, engineer and build next generation signage across a wide range of industries.

Partnering with DSA

Support Through the Entire Project Lifecycle

Our attentive customer service attends to every step of the process from concept to delivery of fully integrated, turnkey signage systems.


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On-Site Engineering

Our engineers design and build our solutions from superior raw materials, creating the most unique and enduring signage systems on the market.


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In-House Manufacturing

For more than 45 years, we have manufactured products locally, meeting the highest standards possible and offering durable solutions that elevate your brand.


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Food & Beverage


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Retail & Luxury Goods

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Sports & Entertainment

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Automotive & Car Wash

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Transportation & Airports

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Museums & Iconic Landmarks

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Our Case Studies


Partnering with the leading coffee house chain
for more than 15 years, designing unique and
state-of-the-art drive-thru solutions.

The Space Needle

Transforming a curved room into an interactive
exhibition in Seattle’s iconic Space Needle.

Willis Tower

Designing over 80 custom light boxes for one
of the most popular tourist attractions in the country.

Johnny Clean Car Wash

Equipping a state-of-the-art car wash with
high-tech digital displays, building their
brand loyalty while offering endless upselling


Creating vibrant displays to increase store traffic
and a subscription-based model to update their
graphics once a month.

Dave’s Hot Chicken

Supporting an ambitious brand in their national
expansion with a turnkey, static drive-thru
signage package.


Creating an unforgettable shopping experience
for a luxury boutique during the holiday season
with bright light boxes stretching over 3 exterior

Diamonds Direct

Vibrantly illuminated storefront and in-store
advertising that highlights elegant jewelry. 


Partnering with a leading retail brand to elevate
their stores’ design and create custom advertising

Slim Chickens

Leading fast-casual restaurant Slim Chickens is
increasing revenue by implementing double
drive-thru lanes.

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