In our efforts to empower the youth of tomorrow, we at DSA Signage are thrilled to announce our latest partnership with the Youth Business Alliance (YBA). We firmly believe that our youth are more than potential leaders of the future – they are today’s innovators, dreamers, and trailblazers. Providing them with the necessary opportunities to grow and flourish is a responsibility we take to heart.

A Meeting with the Future: The Vibrant Students of Animo Compton High School

This exciting initiative brought us face-to-face with the vibrant students of Animo Compton High School, and the experience was nothing short of inspiring. Our commitment to community development prompted us to join hands with YBA, hoping to spark curiosity and ambition among these young minds and to open doors they never knew existed.

One of the highlights of this initiative was the opportunity for our CEO, Shokouh Shafiei, to speak with the upperclassmen of Amino who are deciding on the next steps after high school. She shared her personal journey – from her humble beginnings in Iran to moving to the United States when she was just 18, to getting a full-ride academic scholarship to the University of Ohio, to entering the workforce in automotive with an engineering degree, going back to school to attend the Harvard Business School where she obtained her MBA, to eventually making her way to DSA Signage where she leads DSA as the company’s first LGBTQ+ woman CEO. She showed to the kids of Amino that her circumstances and obstacles along the way did not stop her from achieving greatness, and it was in fact a strength that gave her a unique perspective to bring to the table.


Her narrative resonated deeply with the students, inspiring them to dream big and work relentlessly towards achieving their goals. Shokouh also made it a point that the path to success looks different for everyone, and the way you define success is personal to each person. While higher education was her path, it doesn’t necessarily have to be the only way. “There is a lack of skilled workers in the market right now that requires a different skillset from academia, like welding or specific trades.” Shokouh mentioned that many young people these days are opting out of these types of jobs and because of that there is a shortage of this talent.

“If you’re not passionate about the work you’re doing, you’re in the wrong job. I promise you there is an opportunity out there that will make you excited every day to come to work. All paths are not linear, and often they’re zig zagged” says Shafiei.

Whether the upperclassmen of Amino Compton High School decide on taking a path like Shokouh’s or opt for a career in a trade, they are exposed to the possibility of crafting their own destiny.

A Legacy of Community Engagement: DSA Signage’s Commitment to Growth and Social Impact

At DSA Signage, we’ve always been passionate about engaging with our local community and supporting its growth. Our partnership with institutions like California State University Dominguez Hills (CSUDH), our close relationship with the City of Carson, and our contributions to non-profits like the Boys and Girls Club of America, Downtown Women’s Center, and Alta Sea at the Port of Los Angeles are examples of our commitment to corporate social responsibility. This partnership with YBA is simply the latest endeavor in our ongoing mission to foster sustainable growth and create positive social impact.

Creating Future Leaders: DSA Signage’s Vision for the Youth

We are eager to share more about our community outreach efforts and are thrilled about what lies ahead. We invite you to join us on this journey as we strive to create a positive impact, one young mind at a time. At DSA Signage, we firmly believe in the potential of businesses to do good, by contributing to the social, economic, and environmental well-being of the communities they serve.

Our upcoming project with YBA involves providing them with an opportunity to visit our Rancho Dominguez facility and gain firsthand knowledge of the various career paths available in a company like DSA, including production and manufacturing, marketing, finance, and other positions. We encourage other businesses to join us in this mission and help us nurture the dreams and aspirations of today’s youth, who will become the leaders of a better future.